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बाप रे बाप! 20 की AGE में यह ऐसे बने CROREPATI 🔥 | How To Become RICH ft. @PushkarRajThakurOfficial

In this video, I’m Introducing Pushkar Raj Thakur who became a Multi-Millionaire at the age of just 20 & Right now making CRORES every month from his Business, Stock Market and Trading, We discussed his Journey, Youth Problems & much more in this podcast!

I’m 100% sure, If anyone watches this video till the end, he or she will get Complete Guidance to Become Millionaire in the 20s or Achieve Financial Freedom at a Young Age.

Hope you found this video valuable ❤️

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Twitter: @PushkarRThakur

Time Stamps

0:00 Trailer
1:12 Introduction, Don’t SKIP
2:00 Journey of Pushkar Raj Thakur
8:23 How can your LOVE make you successful?
15:35 एक MINDSET SHIFT जिसने मुझे RICH बना दिया
18:11 यह Secret Habits आपको Millionaire बना देंगी
21:00 Best Formula to Achieve GOALS
25:58 जिंदगी मे FAIL हो रहा हूँ तोह यह करो
28:27 Time Manage करने की BEST Tips
33:09 How he stays SUPER FOCUSED?
35:34 5 Skills To Adapt In Your Early 20’s?
44:49 How To Build Your Brand With NO Resources?
49:31 How does Pushkar Compound His Money?
54:13 How a Common Person will become Financially FREE?
56:28 Luxury Watches से पैसा GROW कैसे करे?
57:54 इस तरीके से PRT बने CROREPATI छोटी उम्र में
59:07 Conclusion


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About Umer Qureshi :

Umer Qureshi is a vibrant and influential entrepreneur who has encountered numerous difficulties including depression and bullying in school. Despite these obstacles, he was able to create a successful 8-Figure Online Business at a Young Age!

With over 300K+ Subscribers on YouTube & Thousand of Followers on all other Social Media Platforms, He is known for his versatile knowledge of Business, Content Creation, Marketing & Making Money Online!

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26 thoughts on “बाप रे बाप! 20 की AGE में यह ऐसे बने CROREPATI 🔥 | How To Become RICH ft. @PushkarRajThakurOfficial”

  1. Bro main buisness krta huuu meri monthly income 2 se 3 lakh hai but kabhi kabhi 1 lakh hoti or kabhi kabhi 2 lakh se jiyada bhee hooo jata hai toh main monthly fix income kaise generate kruuu software or social media company hai

  2. Bhai ap bhi motapa km kr lo … Umar hi kya hai .. apki… Ap acha ache level pe …ho… Sab h .. ap ye kr loge to .. apki life jha tk muje lg ra ap…. Bhut bada chang aa jayega …

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