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🌀 How To Use Arturia Efx Fragments for Beginners 🌌

In this video you’ll learn how to use @Arturia Efx Fragments for beginners.

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00:00 How to Use Arturia Efx Fragments for Beginners
00:15 Granular Synthesis Oversimplified
00:54 The Buffer Panel
02:07 The Buffer Controls
03:05 Grain Capture Panel
04:52 Grain Release Section
07:57 Pan and Effects
08:33 Macros and Modulation
09:31 The Sound we Made

#ArturiaEfxFragments #VSTPlugin #GranularSynthesis


4 thoughts on “🌀 How To Use Arturia Efx Fragments for Beginners 🌌”

  1. Hi, I installed Efx Fragment, when I'm using it, the waves bar (white line) and bars (yellow) don't appear in the buffer panel. Could you give me some guidelines to show these waves and bars? I'm using EFx on Ableton. I have inserted EFx into several tracks and audio that I have in a project project, the audio is generated by various (physical) instruments controlled by Keystep Pro via MIDI.Thanks.

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