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10 Digital Product Ideas You Can Use To Make Money Online

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0:00 Secrets behind digital products
1:19 Notion
2:44 eBooks
3:54 Making six figures online
4:37 Free goodies
5:37 Courses
7:15 UI Kits
8:46 Icons
11:31 Presets
13:05 Website Themes
14:11 Etsy
15:19 Posters and Merch
17:05 Creative assets


30 thoughts on “10 Digital Product Ideas You Can Use To Make Money Online”

  1. Let's go, after more than twenty years of playing at the intersection of art, design, engineering, marketing & commerce, I am doing exactly what you are talking about. Curiosity, Curation, Craft & Commerce. That's it. That's the business plan. Most creatives can do it. @jackbutcher and @davidperell are masters of talking about this. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  2. i was so disappointed to see unsplash change their business models. I was an early contributor on unsplash – now i see my photos being licensed out by them/ being used by big apps like notion, figma,, adobe to name a few my work is hidden behind paywalls. Lesson learned, I'm going to make sure my work is not given away for free going forward. the last video about print on demand really resonated with me.

  3. Awesome video. I always get so inspired watching your videos. I do agree with Jonah though as well. If you donโ€™t have the community or reach. It can be challenging to sell your products. I created a gumroad store a few weeks ago and in order to appear on their discover page you have to 3-4 purchases from different people exceeding $10. I uploaded a YouTube video with one of my free templates to get some traction. Just got to keep on keeping on.

  4. Your videos are always informative and better than other people. Thanks for creating such content. CAN YOU PLEASE create a video on road map to etsy, like what products to find, SEO and everything that a intermediate needs to know about etsy. THANKS AGAIN

  5. Thanks for the info. Do you think it is better to have your own website designed instead of using Wix or WordPress? I am going to make my own small business making and selling jewelry. Also by having your own website are you closer to the queue to be in the top few people? Or do you have to pay a lot more money for that. ?

  6. Hey Oliur great video! Can you talk more about marketing, selling yourself and products and building a community? This is the part I struggle with as I believe I have skills that people would pay for now. Any courses or resources that can help? Thanks

  7. How do you just leave things in the background and they make you money.. I mean this probably comes from your organic marketing right ? Thereโ€™s no way Iโ€™ll make an ebook and just leave it running and get buys. Idk

  8. Great video man, got a big digital project I'm working on atm but this definitely looks like something to explore on the side. Congratz on getting through cancer too, didn't realise it was something you had in your past ๐Ÿ™‚

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