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Home » 10 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students πŸ’΅ No Experience (2022)

10 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students πŸ’΅ No Experience (2022)

In this video, I’ll share 10 highest paying part time jobs in Canada for international students with the average hourly wage & tips in 2022.

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00:00 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students
00:29 1 Server / Bartender
00:36 Tipping Etiquette in Canada
00:47 How To Become a Server in Canada
01:00 How Much Servers make in Canada
01:23 2 Uber Driver
01:32 Uber Driver Requirements in Canada
01:50 How much Uber drivers make in Canada
02:04 3 Food Delivery
02:08 How Much Uber Eats Drivers Make In Canada?
02:17 Do I Need a Car or Bike for Food Delivery in Canada?
02:25 Top 3 Food Delivery Apps in Canada
02:30 Uber Eats Driver Requirements In Canada
02:48 4 Freelancer
02:50 How Much Freelancers Make in Canada
02:54 Advantages of Being a Freelancer
03:12 Best Freelance Websites & Apps to Find Work in Canada
03:18 How To Become a Freelancer on Fiverr in Canada
03:35 How To Make $100/Hour as a Freelancer
03:52 5 Barista
04:00 Why Coffee Shops Need Students
04:04 Is Working as a Barista Worth it?
04:12 Starbucks Employee Benefits
04:25 6 Sales Assistant
04:35 How Much Sales Reps Make in Canada?
04:52 7 On-Campus Jobs
05:00 Job Opportunities in College
05:10 How To Get On-Campus Jobs in Canada
05:17 8 Fitness Instructor
05:22 How Much Personal Trainer Certification Costs in Canada
05:32 How Much Personal Trainers Charge in Canada
05:45 Is Personal Trainer Worth it in a Gym?
05:52 How To Become a Personal Trainer in Canada
06:01 9 Amazon FBA
06:06 How To Sell on Amazon FBA in Canada
06:15 How Much Money Do I Need To Start Amazon FBA
06:30 How Much I Made on Amazon FBA
07:05 10 YouTube
07:10 How To Become a Youtuber
07:31 How Much I Make on Youtube
07:47 How Long It Takes To Get Monetized on Youtube
08:00 Cost of Living in Canada

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