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14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

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Today’s message is directed to teenage entrepreneurs. And in this video I share with you 14 ways that teenage entrepreneurs can make money.

Intro of video – 0:00
#1: Recycling – 1:58
#2: Social Media – 4:05
#3: Fiverr – 7:19
#4: Babysitting – 8:28
#5: Pet Sitting – 8:44
#6: Running Errands – 9:25
#7: Landscaping – 10:07
#8: Code Academy – 10:33
#9: Sell Products on eBay or Amazon – 11:19
#10: Start a Blog – 11:53
#11: Start a YouTube Channel – 12:55
#12: Tutoring – 15:39
#13: Washing and Detailing Cars – 15:55
#14: Solve a Problem – 17:11

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31 thoughts on “14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money”

  1. I was so depressed because of everything that has been happening in the world lately and I started gaining weight like crazy. The one thing that really helped me to get better was Forwago. A big thanks to everyone who puts an effort into the making of programs like this.

  2. Sir , it's because of you only I started writing blogs but though I didn't get money but what I got is that I could find my creativity out there , thank you sir . By watching your videos it gives me motivation to write more and more and more . And I'm sure that one day my hard work will pay me off .

  3. A tip for gaining money is: Open a handy repair service on social media and try to reach people you know or friends from friends. Because someday a handy will get broke so you can repair it. When my friends asked me at my starting, why I do this, I answered with following question: "What is the difference between the professional handy repair service and me?". 

    Mostly they answered: "They make it professional". And I said, of course that's true, but I do it as-well because there is no much difference between the pro. service and me. The right answer would be: "I don't need to live from the money, so my prices can be much lower than from the prof. service..". Indeed, thats the reason why people come rather to me than going somewhere, where people has to pay 4 times more for same service. We as young people does not have much cost, so 20 Euro profit per repair is more than we expect especially when you repair 10 or 15 Handys with more profit when they want additional service like changing Akku or changing camera glass.

  4. Thanks so much for telling this to us because i learned a lot on this video i have learn that the hardest part of trying to be successful is the beginning because some people quit or the have patience and keep going forward!

  5. I am 43 and this is brilliant i thought i knew how to use my phone but kids these days know the ins and outs so i would pay for help. At 13 i used to clean cars and local chip shops just to get some extra money as a kid but with social media and the internet kids can make money from their own home

  6. The granddaughter started and now her little brothers own the recycling biz! The boys are making $15 each per month. They love it.
    The plan: save some, spend some, save some. About every month they buy their mom flowers.

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