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15 DIGITAL skills to make MONEY online (ANYONE CAN LEARN THEM)

How to make money online is what everybody keeps talking about but few actually tell you about the skills you need to make that happen.

In this video we present to you the 15 best digital skills to learn if you want to make money online.

Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro.
0:39 Being computer-savvy.
1:01 Graphic design.
01:24 E-mail marketing skills.
02:01 Coding.
02:47 Content Marketing.
03:11 SEO.
03:38 Copywriting.
04:06 Data visualization.
04:29 Data analysis.
04:53 Social media influencer.
05:40 Marketing automation.
06:01 Cloud computing.
06:22 Artificial Intelligence.
06:48 Digital marketing.
07:14 Online courses.

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