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$1M Invested to Start a Laundromat (Was It Worth It?)

What does it take to start a successful laundromat business? Brian Riseland made a 7-figure investment when he opened Laundry Genius in 2018. In this interview we’ll find out how he used that investment to found a scalable laundromat with huge revenue growth potential.

Brian worked with a major tech company for 25 years before he went into the laundry business. When he was laid off, he seized the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. He’d heard owning a laundromat was a good business model for a first-time business owner and decided to take the leap, scouting out locations and opening his first Laundry Genius location in Everett, Washington.

Before he opened Laundry Genius, Brian was offered the opportunity to buy a coin laundry franchise. In this interview, we’ll find out why he decided to start his own brand instead of buying a laundromat, and how he built his systems and brand identity to create a business that would last. That decision has paid off, and just a few years after opening, Brian is already looking for places he can open additional locations.

A big part of Laundry Genius’ success is the exceptional experience they provide for customers. We’ll find out how Brian created this kind of first-class customer service and atmosphere from the ground up, including how he built his team and what systems he has in place to keep his customers coming back.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start and run a laundry business, you need to watch this interview! And make sure you check out some of our past interviews with business owners:

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Resources – Find out more about Laundry Genius on their website – A step-by-step guide to starting a laudromat


00:00 – Intro
00:48 – How Brian Became an Entrepreneur
01:32 – Initial Budget
02:28 – Factors To Consider For Locations
04:01 – Key To Picking the Right Machine
06:10 – How the Drop-Off Room Operates
07:53 – Most Profitable Services
08:53 – Best Way To Scale a Laundromat
10:02 – Tips on Building Brand Awareness
10:36 – Finding Great Employees
11:21 – Why You Should Start a Brand
12:51 – Key to Overcoming Challenges
14:27 – Delivering Above Competitors
15:57 – Best Advertising Strategies
17:21 – Finding the Right Partner and Distributor
18:21 – Tour of the Equipment Room
19:41 – When You Get Your Investment Back
20:23 – Blitz Time with Brian
21:19 – You Know THIS Before Starting
22:43 – Tips on Getting Supplies
23:42 – Drop-Off and Delivery Details
24:49 – Importance of Reviews
26:05 – Advice for Funding the Business
26:51 – Self-server Customer Experience
28:15 – Typical Day for Brian
29:30 – The Future of Laundry Genius
30:50 – How You Know When It’s Time to Scale
32:00 – Systems and Process
33:16 – What Brian Would Change If He Could
34:17 – How To Avoid Failure
34:52 – Consistent Customer Experience
35:52 – Repeat Customers vs. Single Time
36:37 – Advice for all Entrepreneurs

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20 thoughts on “$1M Invested to Start a Laundromat (Was It Worth It?)”

  1. Looks amazing however oooff you had me until I heard that he’s leasing this spot. I was wondering how the heck he made this work. They didn’t want to sell because they know with the high traffic count, that property is worth it’s weight in gold. GOOD commercial real estate is extremely difficult to come by these days especially with high traffic counts of 20k to 30k VPD

  2. I always ask myself, why not just wash at home? Is it cheaper to do it in the shop because of volume purchasing energy and soap? Or are people just lazy or something. I don't understand, please explain

  3. Wont work in indonesia i believe. Here people just bring their dirty clothes to any laundry shop and wait at home nicely. But, i did something like this in germany because it is cheaper than the indonesian modeö

  4. Electricity costs would've killed this in the UK. Most people have washers and dryers in the UK anyway! He did an amazing job though to find that niche

  5. I've only been to one laundromat in my life, this one looks a lot nicer. The one I've been to didn't have any attendants at all(when a machine failed I had to call service over the phone, and they told me how to open the door of the machine manually) and homeless people would be in there half the time.

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