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2022 iPad 10 vs iPad 9 ULTIMATE Comparison! Really Apple?

Apple’s 10th gen iPad 10 comes with a NEW redesign for a hefty pricetag, but is there anything else under the surface that Apple didn’t tell us about? Let’s find out!
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Timestamps ⬇️
iPad 10 vs iPad 9 Comparison – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:30
Speaker Comparison – 02:51
Display Comparison – 04:03
Apple Pencil – 04:57
Keyboard Support – 06:58
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 07:41
Camera Comparison – 08:10
Transfer Speed Tests – 09:09
Geekbench 5 CPU – 11:33
Metal Graphics – 12:12
3DMark Gaming Test – 12:43
Which One to Buy! – 13:36

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27 thoughts on “2022 iPad 10 vs iPad 9 ULTIMATE Comparison! Really Apple?”

  1. NOTE: Our audio records in mono instead of stereo so the iPad 9 sounds like it's landscape stereo but it's not. It sounds MUCH worse in real life.
    THIS is the iPad to buy in 2022 ➡
    Like our wallpapers? Download them here ➡
    Best deals on current iPads on Amazon ⬇
    iPad 9 ($299 SALE) ➡
    NEW iPad 10 ($449) ➡
    iPad mini 6 ($460) ➡
    iPad Air 5 ($519) ➡
    NEW M2 iPad Pro 11" ➡
    NEW M2 iPad Pro 12.9" ➡

  2. man u really gotta stop with the bad for apple pencil users. especially as someone who had the 6th gen befpre my m1 pro. its fine. and sure while id say artist on a budget should still save for the air at most. dont do so cuz the lamination is bad it isnt. everything else is. that lamination u get use to it and its so well done it might well be laminated.

  3. Bought ipad air 2 for 500 dollars 5 years ago and now when i have some problem they cant even check for problem in authorised service centre because it became vintage it seems….with the current new models with no third party repair. Ive decided to not support these products from now on….

  4. The 9th gen Apple iPad was nearly perfect at $329 (sometimes as low as $269 at Amazon). It was probably the Apple product with the most bang for your buck. I'm glad it's not discontinued (yet), but the 10th gen is for almost no one. It's too expensive for an entry-level tablet and under-powered for more than casual use.

  5. Apple did it again! They put the in-between product with enough limitations to made must people to think that the Air now makes more sense than the cheaper Ipad. This is social engineering consumer choices. Put and old product, a new product with limitations and a better product… Before the choice was cheap vs better…now indecisive people have to think that for a bit more they can get a better ipad… This strategy works for apple every time.

  6. Damn, it's like 1 step upgrade and 3 steps downgrade. I don't get the point why they are still forcing their customers to use 1st gen pencil which is really outdated with inconvenient using the dongle. And still not fully laminated.

  7. They can produce iPad 10 and sell it for profit at 329$ it doesn’t make much sense. The gap between the iPad and iPad Air is so minimal now it makes no sense to get the 10 over the air for performance and the laminated screen. Very confusing release from apple that wouldn’t be the case had they kept it in the ballpark of 329$ I could see them keeping the 9th gen style and doing upgrades to it every few years for school use seeing the new 10 doesn’t have a headphone jack

  8. the main draw to the base model ipads was their great value. base model ipads being great value and being refreshed regularly with updated hardware without greedy price increases. the value prospect that the base model gave consumers made compromises, such as still using apple pencil 1, laminated screen, 2004's base amount of storage space, etc., understandable and acceptable. with the price hike.. these compromises are no longer acceptable and yes.. apple did ruin the ipad 10th gen in terms of value which is all that the base model ipads had going for them, imo.

    ipad air was just on sale for $100 less than the 10th gen… who in their right mind would buy the 10th gen over the last gen air when both are new and it's $100 less.. lmao

    that said.. i think the colors look awesome. really wish my m1 ipad had those color options

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