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Home » 2022 iPad 10 vs iPad 9 – What Apple is HIDING From You..

2022 iPad 10 vs iPad 9 – What Apple is HIDING From You..

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31 thoughts on “2022 iPad 10 vs iPad 9 – What Apple is HIDING From You..”

  1. Apple is still selling the 9th Gen iPad along with the 10th gen. So, if I wanted a budget iPad, it would be the 9th gen. The 10th gen doesn't make sense for the price and the stupid adapter that isn't included when it should be.

  2. Just get iPad Air 4. It is certainly more cheaper than iPad 10 (on eBay), and the only superior thing that iPad 10 has is an better camera…. yet it doesn’t even have an laminated display nor Apple Pencil 2 connectivity, unlike the iPad Air 4! (Or just get iPad 9, the price dropped by like 60 USD in ebay)

  3. Dear Apple,
    Trees do not grow to sky. At a moment they have to stop somewhere. And so is your growth that can't be the same year after year even though you want it to be so by increasing the price of your products.

  4. I guess there is excess apple pencil 1 in apple supply. Got too get rid the apple ✏️ in apple inventory. It's seems apple has supply hardware problem for new innovations. So they are digging into the used BIN to find what they can refresh..they can only find scraps.. bone at most.

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