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Home » 2022 iPad 10 vs iPad Air 5 & 4: It's WORSE than you think..

2022 iPad 10 vs iPad Air 5 & 4: It's WORSE than you think..

Apple’s iPad 10 is HERE but is it ACTUALLY worth it compared to simply buying a better iPad Air? Let’s compare EVERYTHING between them to find out!
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Timestamps ⬇️
iPad 10 vs iPad Air 4 & 5 – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:25
Display Comparison – 01:14
Speaker Comparison – 02:19
Apple Pencil – 03:29
Folio vs Magic Keyboard – 05:10
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 08:35
File Transfer Test – 09:15
Storage Speed Test – 10:19
Geekbench 5 CPU – 11:05
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 11:39
3DMark Gaming Test – 12:00
Lightroom Photo Editing – 12:30
4K Video Editing – 13:20
Battery Life Comparison – 14:41
Wifi Speed Test – 15:53
Which One to Buy! – 16:14

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45 thoughts on “2022 iPad 10 vs iPad Air 5 & 4: It's WORSE than you think..”

  1. Max’s camera demos always make out the sound is worse than it is in real life. I mean, the quality of the iPad Air mic in this video is atrocious. I FaceTime someone with an Air 4 all the time and it’s actually fine. 😂

  2. It’s so sad that we get these brand new chips, and Apple just lags on a lot of things that if they did it correctly we’d have them right when they launched and a lot more people would buy. If you go back in time with the first iPad, it fell so short from what it could have been, to this day it’s behind though the chips have the capacity to do what iMacs/MacBooks do. Other than that..I am very pleased with my new iPad Air. Photoshop is great that I don’t really need my MacBook/iMac as much (I say this because Adobe always was slow putting out stuff on Apple devices..there’s a few things that Adobe photoshop only does on computers and not on the iPads that Adobe could put on but for some reason they don’t/slow to the show) I think Apple is being strategic on, I think they have technologies that they’re going to roll out just like with their phones etc where it’s one or two things at a time (this is why I’ve stopped buying the phones/laptops/computers every time they come out..because it’s not the full shebang)

  3. Still buying the 10th generation as it’s the cheapest iPad model that I could get a silver colorway and I like newer models. I’m willing to live up with the Apple pencil limitation as I am coming from Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

  4. It’s so funny that even after so many years that the gen 1 Apple Pencil has been out that people still have missed that the adapter everyone is griping about actually came with them from the beginning! They are just hidden in the paper work… lol 😅🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. All those scenarios depend on what country you are, if there are refurbished units, VAT, etc..
    On most cases I would say IPad Air M1 or A14 or any PRO with USB-C as long as you find them refurbished or second hand as new for great prices.
    IPads are no desktop/ laptop and it will give you similar price if you buy a keyboard and you'll still need one desktop or laptop…

    I'm happy with my Tab S6 Lite and Mac Mini M1.

  6. iPad 10 design is stupid. Apple should have learned the success formula of iPad mini 5 to 6 and apply it to upgrade iPad 9 to iPad 10. It should have maintained 10.2 form factor with uniformed bezel with Apple Pencil 2 capabilities. The side camera should be passed on to iPad Pro 12.9 instead of iPad 10.

  7. This should have been the year Apple started phasing out Pencil 1, but nooooo, and teardowns show why; the side-mounted FaceTime camera takes up all the space the magnets and inductive charger need on Pencil 2-iPads. Y'know what this means! We're not going to see the two things together on the Air and Pro unless both components are redesigned to share space.

  8. The Ipad air 5 (M1) has a way better battery life than the Ipad air 4, I can get up to 11h of usage until I hit 20% while my friend who has the Ipad air 4 can bearly get a 7h of usage from his whole battery.

  9. the ipad 10th gen msrp is actually braindead..
    people who are buying this "new" 10th gen base ipad are 100% just sheep.. it's insane to me people are actually justifying their purchase and can't see the other obvious purchasing options.

    just picked up an ipad air 4th gen for $350… previous gen but brand new and miles better than a $450 base model ipad .. can also use the apple pencil 2.. don't have to buy a new adapter from apple, laminated screen.. like wtf is apple thinking. insane greed by apple.
    just to be clear.. i am a huge fan of apple tablets.. i have a mini, m1 12.9", and now an air.

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