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2022 State Of The Union | NBC News

Watch as President Biden delivers his first State of the Union address live at the United States Capitol. Follow the NBC news live blog for the latest updates:

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46 thoughts on “2022 State Of The Union | NBC News”

  1. 🌄Hello.
    ♨My Name is Igor, I am writing to you from Moscow, Russia.
    I want you to know what your government is forcing you to do against Russia!
    I grew up in western Ukraine, in a Russian family, came to Russia at the age of 20, I have been living in Russia for 3 years. Since childhood, I have been surrounded by one Russophobia, including from family and relatives. My brother didn't talk to me for more than 2 years after I moved to Russia. In connection with recent events, the negative attitude towards Russia has increased even more and this is already turning into some kind of absurdity. On Instagram, I watch the stories of Ukrainians I know and not so much, everyone is happy about the deaths of Russian soldiers, they send it to each other and snide. In telegram channels of 100k+ subscribers, corpses are laid out, hearts are put under it. In the posts they are called fertilizers and it's kind of super funny! In the Russian segment, I don't see any of this about the murdered Ukrainian soldiers, nationalists and mercenaries. Either a negative attitude or a neutral one. At the same time, in the west of Ukraine they think that there is really some kind of DPRK here. My friends think that we are brainwashed here in Russia, where only Putin TV works and everyone watches it 24/7. This is when working propaganda TV channels jellyfish / rain in Russia. Despite the fact that the protesters are not dispersed with rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons as in America and Europe. I am already infuriated by the washing of Western comrades, and the funny thing is that they think that you are washed!

    In modern Ukraine, there is not a single family, not a single enterprise or business that would not feel the aggression of the nationalists who came to power in 2014. Ordinary Ukrainians were forced to keep silent about this aggression. The powerful propaganda machine of Western instructors, launched in Kiev with a lot of IT specialists by American advisers, silenced any cry for Russian help, calls for awareness of the terrible economic and social consequences that Ukraine faced. When the rampant Nazism turned out to be so strong that it ceased to be controlled, the American government decided to provoke a war that was supposed to expose Russia as an aggressor and would lead to the "cleansing" of Bandera fans objectionable to America. It was bitter and hard to look at it from the outside. Because the people of Ukraine have never been strangers to Russians. We have a common history, culture, some friends and some enemies. These enemies are Nazis who have been shooting at the children of Donbass since 2014, and are hiding behind the children of Kharkov and Kiev in 2022. And Russia did not allow a fratricidal war. She launched an operation against the Nazis. And today it is in our power not only to expel her from the Slavic world, but also to fight together with those who have been gagging our relatives and friends, trying to quarrel us among themselves for decades. When our peoples act as a united front, no army in the world is able to resist us. The unity of the spirit and the strength of the Slavic world is the key to the happiness of our children and a peaceful life according to our laws!

    Plutonium of the required quality was delivered to Kiev. Ukraine has been working on the creation of nuclear weapons, the United States has already transferred this material to its partners earlier…The United States was aware of what was happening, but did not prevent it.
    Also, for 22 years, biolabs for the production of biological weapons under the control of the United States began to open in Ukraine!
    Vladimir Zelensky's accounts in Costa Rica at Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika have accumulated just over $1.2 billion over two and a half years of ruling the country.
    Regular deposits in torn tranches of $12-35 million come through different channels, both from Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk through First Union Bank and Deutsche Bank, as well as Igor Kolomoisky from his Geneva accounts of Banque Nationale de Paris.
    It is absolutely clear that without the control of the authorities of Germany and France, the movement of funds withdrawn from Ukraine by the IMF and multinational corporations, including the giants Big Pharmacy, is impossible.
    Of Zelensky's major purchases from his accounts, there was the purchase of a villa in Miami for $34 million, as well as 8 sets of Graff jewelry for ₽5.6 million.
    In addition to the President of Ukraine in Dresdner Bank, there are accounts with the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Ermak for a modest $ 56 million, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya for $ 4.5 million, most of which she transferred in December 2020 to HSBC Bank in the London office.
    Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Senya – stena) also has accounts in the Dresdner Bank branch in Miami. Every president and his team, after the term of their stay, left as dollar billionaires and Zelensky, for all his inferiority, was no exception, only in his case, no one will let him just leave. Prison awaits him.

    Ukraine is being robbed and systematically destroyed – Ukraine needs help and liberation from the Nazis and the negative influence of the West!!!
    I also want to remind you that Europe was liberated from the Nazis by the multinational Red Army in 1945!

    Now you think who is the aggressor in this World!

    I wish you Peace, kindness and prosperity! ZV🔊

  2. America are afraid of Putin? Are afraid a men how his army can't deal whit Ukraine.

    America was involved in war of Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan.
    People from these countryes not call America to come to help them but american army was on the way and involved a huge amount of resources for war in these countryes.

    Now when all ukranian people and President of Ukraine beging for help and want America and Nato come to help them , no action from Nato or America just make endless speech to tell the world because not start actions use as motivations just a s hity arguments.
    Reality its because now Nato and America have weak liders how speach a lot and not have courage to take a real action to end war from Ukraine. Let ukranian to be slaughter by russian planes and artillery.

  3. joe biden and his ilk are all part of a worldwide secret combination whose ultimate goal is the destruction of the freedoms and liberty of all peoples. Sure, laugh at me, but you will see that what I have said is true. It is being manifest right now. Why do you think they STOLE the last election? Why do you think that biden was put in as "president"? He has NO INTEREST at all in the USA and in its citizens.

  4. Is an actor and a comedian of a nation like the Ukraine for real ?
    Sacrificing a willing pawn for the EU in a western chess game, the Ukraine has outlived its usefulness. It is now on its own !

  5. "The Biden administration has requested $10 billion in humanitarian, military and economic assistance to Ukraine. Congress intends this week to pass emergency funding under our comprehensive public finance legislation," Pelosi said in a statement. forward, USA! USA! USA!!!))))) feed the Ukrainian thieves further! all the military iron you sent will rust in the ground! what a stupid, stupid government you have. it lies in your eyes, and you applaud!)

  6. US people, tell me what YOU, as citizens who voted for Biden, what do you want from Russia and Ukraine, what exactly do YOU, as a people, need from this conflict? I used to respect your country, now I'm ashamed of you when I see the lies that pour from all the openings of the White House like pus? put things in order in your country, set an example for the whole world, and do not spend money on coke for the son of Biden and Zelensky! how ridiculous and ridiculous you are!.. our country has been preparing for your sanctions since 2014, you were not ready. your government is rubbish!

  7. Hey lady box are you in Hudson falls cuz if you are I need my house cleaned in the worst f**** way my house is trashed nobody will f**** help me I live at 11 Maple Street Hudson falls


  9. Keystone pipeline one of Biden’s biggest mistake. Literally only two years in and is showing Biden administration how much of a big mistake cancelling that was.

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