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2023 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions | The Loop Marketing Podcast S1:E18

Want to advance your digital marketing in 2023? Learn Coegi’s top tips and trends for programmatic marketing as we enter the new year. 

Our CEO and Vice President of Marketing discuss the future of data privacy, sustainability, retail media, short-form video, and other factors creating waves in digital advertising and social media marketing.

How have your approaches to programmatic advertising shifted over the course of 2022? 

Did last year’s marketing trend predictions come true? 

Was the metaverse truly a driving factor in marketing in 2022? 

Where is data privacy and consumer data availability headed in 2023? 

How big of a role will data regulation play in 2023 advertising strategies? 

What are the top marketing challenges brands will need to tackle in the new year? 

What are the biggest digital marketing trends advertisers need to know for 2023? 

What are the major social and influencer marketing trends you predict?

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0:00-0:30 Intro
0:30-5:06 New Perspectives
5:07-6:58 Short-Form Video
6:59-8:30 Metaverse & AR/VR
8:31-11:33 Privacy & Cookieless Data 
11:34-13:41 Increasing Ad Regulations
13:42-18:23 Trends to Leave Behind in 2022
18:24-22:25 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 
22:26-25:21 Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023 
25:22-25:51 Outro

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