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#205: Digital Transformation at Scale

For large organizations, digital transformation involves rethinking processes, technology, and customer relationships. On this episode, we talk one of the world’s top experts on digital transformation in big companies. Didier Bonnet is an author, researcher, and leader of Capgemini’s digital transformation practice.

Didier believes that Digital Transformation will have a profound impact on all sectors and that no company will be immune from this transformation. His interest is in understanding how digital technologies are impacting every aspect of business: strategy, customer experience, people and operations. In his view, the digital revolution creates huge opportunities to make organizations more efficient and responsive, to change the way people work and share, as well as strongly enhancing the experience of customers as they interact with organizations.

Didier is co-author of the book: Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation, published by Harvard Business Review Press. Leading Digital makes the provocative argument that the next phase of digital technology adoption will make everything that’s happened so far look like a prelude. Based on researching over 400 global corporations, Leading Digital presents the DNA of Digital Masters, those companies that have mastered digital transformation to gain strategic advantage.

Prior to his current role, Didier was the Global Leader of the Telecom, Media & Entertainment practice at Capgemini Consulting for 15 years. He joined Gemini Consulting as a strategy consultant in 1991. He has more than 25 years’ experience in strategy development, globalization, internet and digital economics as well as in business transformation for large multinational corporations.

Didier graduated in Business Economics with an MBA from a French business school and holds a DPhil from Oxford University.

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