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3 Jobs Chat GPT Will Fully Replace

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We discuss how AI will gradually replace jobs over time, starting with entry-level positions. The speaker uses OpenAI’s chatbot GPT as an example to demonstrate how AI will replace jobs such as copywriting, programming, and customer service.


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48 thoughts on “3 Jobs Chat GPT Will Fully Replace”

  1. AI is a tool, not a replacement. Everyone that is feeling existential that they will lose their job… chill, you are fine. (for now at least). I made video on why you can chill and not fear the end of your livelihood. chatgpt and a lot of ai are getting overhyped right now. let me know if you find my video useful like this one!

  2. AI could replace almost any job eventually…. It is smarter than we realize IMO. Companies already using AI interns according to the NY Times and some other newspapers.

  3. I wish I could just point out so many inaccuracies but never mind. What is your profession by the way?
    Please ask chatgpt to write a sales copy for top nft projects of 2022.

  4. Where is the technology to replace middle management? I'm sure they can program a bot to tell me to do what I already know I have to do and to tell me how to do something that it is not capable of doing itself. 🤣

  5. What I don't think people realize is that if something becomes so good that it can replace you in your job than it also means stuff will also be getting cheaper. A lot of the jobs it may replace weren't even around 20 years ago. Think about that.

  6. On the part of programming, you are overstating to the point I cannot take you seriously. Typing in something for your video is not even remotely close to operating on a business scale. How will ChatGPT consider complex software architectures that can not be summarized in one sentence? Every AI learns from its input, how will you protect your company's secrets? Anybody with relevant experience in IT can come up with a hundred more questions. I cannot wait until there's an AI to replace clickbait marketing videos like this one.

  7. idea behind chatgpt is magnificent. but I think they should restrict some of their service , so that it won't take off ppls job . I think we're completely not ready to enter in the world of ai or future , we should fix finance first or develop somekind of currency, that will change method of survival .

  8. 10 years ago i graduated business school, at that time there was no jobs because economic recession. I had to do manually labor for the last 10 years that destroyed my back. Finding a job in business that i study is impossible due to 'lack of experience' i worked hard for 10 years and saved my money so i could go back to school and learn a new skill. 3 weeks ago i started at progamming school, so this will be replaced as well. What am i going to do for a living this is hopeless 😔

  9. replacing developers would be too hard to achieve, companies code is not a 1 page code, everything is specific, sometimes while working I can't even explain issue or required work to myself, how would I explain it to AI, neverthless designs and bugs within companies code that contain thousands of lines (bugs aren't just errors in your console , there is functional / visual issues …)
    I think this will take at least 20 years + to replace programmers …
    best way to avoid this is becoming AI developer LOL

  10. Why would it be clear that AI replacing human jobs will be a gradual thing? The speed at which this change will take place doesn't seem at all clear?
    If anything (like in the case of ChatGPT) it seems like it could in some cases happen very abruptly, maybe even overnight.

  11. The truth s we really don't know what impact this will have jobs. Every time a new technology has come along humans have proved appallingly bad and actually predicting correctly how it will be used. It may well get rid of some jobs but it will probably give birth to dozens of others.

  12. i think that programmers could be easily replaced by 3/4 years. It depends on how conservative people are. Chatgpt can already write fantastic code and most of all IT can write it starting from YOUR sentence, as for example: WRITE A FUNCTION IN C# WHICH TAKES IN INPUT A TEXT AND RETURN AN ARRAY WHERE EACH MEMBER IS ONE LETTER FROM THE ALFABETH AND THE OCCORENCES IF IT IN THE INPUT TEXT….. chatgpt would understand immediately this and would write the code and the testing unit also. I would take at least one hour…

  13. the code examples you gave are incredibly basic. Copying files from one location to another is quite possibly the easiest thing to code. When you try to use if for any code with complexity, that is where if falters. I have yet to have it output a script that actually works without me debugging it. Often what it outputs needs a complete rewrite. it tries to use command properties that don't even exist. AI will not replace you, but someone using AI Will. be that someone using AI.

  14. I can’t believe I’m engaging with this video but I just have to say you are dead wrong about programmers if you think that’s what junior devs are doing. Junior devs are not writing shitty scripts all day. Besides, you can just google those and find them on the internet, so if that’s your job then it was at risk anyways. Until you can sit chatgpt down with my manager, my designer, my product person, my code base, my requirements, and come up with what I would create, it’s not happening for even entry level people. IDEs did not replace developers. Stackoverflow did not replace developers. Terminals did not replace developers. In fact we need more than ever with those things

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