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4 WORST Mistakes Beginner Marketing Agency Owners Make (SEO, Web Design, PPC, SMMA)

When trying to build an online business as a beginner with no money and no experience, and hardly any skills, you want to avoid doing several things that will completely block your progress as an agency owner, whether you do website design, SEO, pay-per-click advertising services or social media marketing. In this video, Matt Wacek explains the 4 worst mistakes he made while trying to build his agency from scratch.

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mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make when starting a business


8 thoughts on “4 WORST Mistakes Beginner Marketing Agency Owners Make (SEO, Web Design, PPC, SMMA)”

  1. Amazing video Matt! I am very efficient in building locally optimized websites. My goal is to sell it to agencies who want to outsource. But I don't know where to start. Currently i get clients from FB groups. But it is very inconsistent. What do you recommend? I have a portfolio of 25+ local websites.

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