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5 Advanced Facebook Marketing Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Ads

Facebook advertising can be tricky. With planning, it can be a lucrative and reliable source of leads and sales. But, it can also be an expensive lesson.

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The more you know about the people you’re advertising to, the better your ads will perform. This is why many business owners love advertising on Facebook. There are so many options for audience targeting.

One option is Facebook Custom Audiences. With Custom Audiences, you can retarget people who have interacted with your business already. For example, customers and website visitors.

When you market to a Custom Audience, you know exactly who is seeing your ads. Your messaging can be laser-targeted and create a facebook lookalike audience. This will help you increase your conversion rate and get a better return on investment.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:52 Steal Your Competitor’s Audience
01:58 Create Insanely Precise Audiences
05:14 Save Money on Your Facebook Ads
05:53 Run Your Ads Through Influencers
07:28 Use Insight Tools for Smarter Audiences

► Google Tag Manager
► Upwork
► Facebook Ads Library
► Facebook Audience Insights Tool


43 thoughts on “5 Advanced Facebook Marketing Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Ads”

  1. I really enjoyed this video and I think ill get a lot of value from watching so thank you!

    I know when I have been starting to try and grow my following on Facebook I have been so confused as to what I am allowed to post and what I'm not. for example, if you ask someone to like and comment on a post the Facebook algorithm will automatically show it to a lesser audience. You cant ask someone to tag a friend or share your content either so getting your name out there on your advertising seems so fraught with danger. I didn't want my page to get shut down and have to start again! I think a video on some do's and don'ts in 2022 would be really helpful!

  2. Hi there, Anne! Glad to hear this was useful and thanks also for taking the time to let us know what you'd like to see in future content.

    I have passed your request along myself internally, so the correct team is aware of this. Thanks again!

  3. Really really valuable content. Thank you so much. It's really hard to find really good quality content these days. And I don't know if fortunetly or unfortunetly this video hasn't gone viral. So there is still kind of a secerts that not too much facebook advertisers know 😉

  4. Hi, your content is very informative and useful as always, but I have found Facebook to not be a very efficient method of marketing as it is over saturated at present. We've spent a considerable amount of investment on ads and even tried other platforms too with no success. Any advice? or perhaps, you can do a video that could convince otherwise?

  5. Hi can anyone answer my question please? If i log out of FB on my PC will this stop my FB ads from running? I dont want to leave my PC on for days on end. Basically i just want to know if FB add continue to run when logged out of FB?

  6. Holy S**t these are incredible tips!!! The first one is especially innovative — I'm just wondering, so say I target people who have recently been to a popular store in a mall; I wonder if Facebook will also consider people who have been to stores nearby, or simply walked past the store? I guess this hack is perfect for stores with a massive footprint, like an IKEA right? Thanks for sharing these hacks 🙂

  7. I just found out about this channel and I absolutely love it! I love how even thought this channel is from Shopify it doesn't necessarily force you to use it or there is no constant mentioning of it but just a casual introduction throughout the video. Thank you Shopify and Michelle for the helpful tips!!!

  8. Audience insight tool as changed. This video shows the old version of that. This tool now is no longer show that much details of audience. OUT DATED video.. nothing new is presented.

  9. 1:02 you didn't explain how to get to that map targeting page. and its not coming up as an option in any FB audience creation ways. The best I can see is targeting people by geographic locations or who have already interreacted with a page I manage.

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