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Home » 5 Hidden Obs Features That Make Streaming Easier

5 Hidden Obs Features That Make Streaming Easier

5 Hidden Obs Features That Make Streaming Easier

Today I want to show you 5 hidden OBS features that will help make your streams a lot easier to setup and control.

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29 thoughts on “5 Hidden Obs Features That Make Streaming Easier”

  1. My OBS all the sudden started freezing and not responding then crashing a few days ago. Ive installed nothing except Owned and Teleport. I uninstalled owned, still freezes within 10 minutes of streaming.
    Game im playing is Quake Champions.
    I am currently stuck with Wifi, so thats a factor for sure. Im also only on 16gb ram. I tried running a dual PC setup with teleport and the quality went soooo bad especially when im moving fast in game.
    My thoughts are, upgrade Ram to not only larger, but faster ram if possible and a faster SSD a reinstall to it making it the new C drive. Also, using a capture card between the gaming laptop and old desktop. But most importantly, my ISP is coming over tomorrow to enable my cable box so I can plug directly in in the room I work in.
    Love your videos Mike, ive learned a ton from you now thanks so much. Im considering trying Prism today, ive had success with OBS for months streaming from the gaming computer for hours on end with no issue, so hopefully I can reinstall OBS from scratch and theres a difference.

  2. hey Michael plz help me

    in obs, I did a screen recording of a teams meeting generally I used the mp4 format but I discover the warning sign of obs to switch to mkv as a backup and remux it then I set my format to mkv

    I recorded a 1 hr long video and when stopping the video in obs I also see the duration and recording is on but when I save it and see the recording the mkv file is only 30 min and after remuxing the file also it only 30 min plz help how to recover the full video

    I regret using the mkv format previously I used mp4 and 4 videos are recording fine

    I want that video for reference its important

    plz help

  3. The main source of dropped frames on my streams using Windows computers is the Windows update process, which runs quite often. Even when supposedly at low priority, it can tie up your storage device (particularly HHD) and otherwise slow your machine. A solution is to go to Settings – Update and Security and pause updates in Windows Update. The default pause is 7 days, but you can change this in the advanced options.

  4. I'm a regular watcher (when I'm not still at work) of your Wednesday night live streams and occasionally ask questions under the name Tom Waddell. You've helped me out immensely over the past few years. Thank you for being on YouTube!

  5. Thanks for these videos. They are very helpful. I am curious if I am wasting some of my computer resources. I was having some issues with dropped frames so I scaled down from 1080 output to 720. I have two sony a6400 cameras that are bringing the video in and i have left them at 4k resolution. Is there any point in having them at 4k vs 1080 if i am just going to downscale them in OBS for the restream broadcast?

  6. nice one for that i can`t rem if i did comment but here it is thank you for the vid on obs it is what i was looking for i am now starting off into streaming and every little helps thank you so much as soon as i can send you a tip i sure will

  7. Hello! Thank you for your videos, they are very helpful that’s a definitely like from me☺️🙏 I have a question related to some issue that I’m frequently having with OBS. For streaming I’m using Bluetooth Headphones, and when due to low battery they suddenly turn off I’m loosing all other sounds in OBS except external usb Microphone. So game sounds(from iPad) and Spotify(app on PC desktop) just stop working. When it happens during live streams I usually go through all windows and delete the sound of the game and music and try to add to each scene again but it doesn’t work all the time plus takes lots of time. And as an ultimate solution is to restart the OBS and stream, which is bad because I’m loosing viewers. I would really appreciate if you took a look at this problem, thank you in advance☺️🙏💜

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