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5 HUGE Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

The Future of Digital Marketing (Can You Guess The #1 Trend In 2022?)
Master The Art of Email Marketing ►► (Doors Re-Open Soon)

What trends dominated the Internet over the past year and are only going to get even hotter in 2022?

Come along with me as we count down the 5 BIGGEST marketing digital trends to watch this year…

We’ll start the countdown with #5 and end with the hottest trend of all.

👀 Can you guess this year’s #1 digital marketing trend? I bet it’s definitely NOT what you’re thinking…

Keep watching to find out!


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49 thoughts on “5 HUGE Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022”

  1. 5. Any true SEO expert will tell you to focus on having answers to your lead's questions over keyword cramming.
    4. Totally agree!! I have seen way better results with Influencer marketing vs Ads.
    3. Yup. Linkedin is the place to be for Press, HR, and Networking.
    2. Live Video!! Omg yes!! Especially on TikTok.
    1. I'm not sure if Email Marketing is a new trend but I agree all businesses need to have a solid email marketing strategy.

  2. Always delivering so much, thx Alex! And as the topic is (also) emails, I should say I have probably subscribed to your email list some 89 times already hahah The lead magnets are always on point and carry a sweet ton of value. Thx again!

  3. Great tips Alex! I definitely agree that the content and messaging should always weigh-in ahead of any SEO attempts. But there is a way to marry SEO with content marketing without sounding too forced. Oftentimes, it just comes down to integrating a keyword (or some keywords) after the content has been created (if that's at all possible – depending on the format of the content). Either way, keywords can and should be integrated naturally. Some people don't have a knack for this and in that case should get some training or have someone else handle their SEO.

    I also agree that video is definitely can no longer be ignored. It is now becoming virtually impossible for anyone (business or otherwise) to cut through all the noise without video.

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  5. Great content as always Alex, but it would have been far more useful/helpful for youngers out there to show the real income, not just percerntage wise, like other youtubers show the income report from YT and other sources, being transparent especially with YT earning will go on to show that is is doable for all young youtubers out there, my opinion, though. Keep up the great work.

  6. as consumer, i agree with the first one. i love to communicate seller using emel because it make me feel more secure and trust the seller/brand more. i donno how to describe it but emel is the best.

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  8. Ok alex so ive chosen the topics of finance personal development & real estate….once I start building my portfolio on squarespace how many copies should I make under each category before I start cold email? Thank you

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