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7 A.I. Marketing Tools That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Seven AI marketing tools that’ll blow your mind. If you thought that only your grandchildren will see AI dominating areas that humans could, well, think again, because there’s some really cool tools that you need to check out. Over the last few years, the development of AI has skyrocketed. Tasks that would take you hours to complete can now be done in minutes automatically.

Profile Picture Maker:

In marketing, there are already quite a few things that you can do much faster. There’s a quote by Larry Page, one of the founders of Google that says, “Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing.” The global artificial intelligent market size will grow from 93.53 billion in 2021 to 997 billion in 2028. That’s almost a trillion dollars. That’s pretty much 10x.

So how can you harness the power of these technologies in your marketing day-to-day? Well, AI can already do the things like designing custom logos, optimizing your paid ad campaigns, helping you write great content, and a lot of other interesting things. But most people aren’t familiar with these technologies, and they still spend a lot of manual time doing the stuff that can already be automated. To be honest, up until now, I was also doing a lot of them manually, but over the last six months to a year, I’ve learned about a lot of these tools.

So let’s dive right in. There’s CopyAI. This AI tool generates tons of copy from just one basic summary text that you input. From product descriptions to paid ad copy, to even blog titles, it can help in several different areas of marketing activities.

Then there’s If you hate coming up with presentations because, hey, the design suck, it’s messy, takes a lot of time, this tool is perfect for you. It uses AI to automatically enhance your designs accordingly so that your content looks beautiful. And it adjusts it based on your content. So you don’t even need to worry about messing with the layouts.

Then you got Profile Picture Maker. This tool uses AI to remove the background from your photos and make amazing profile photos for you to use on social media or even company about pages, like those headshots that people show on the executive pages. The end result is pretty amazing, and best all, it’s absolutely free.

Then you got Now, you don’t even need a graphic designer to come up with a logo for your business. This tool uses AI to create logos automatically for you based on a set of preferences. It creates dozens and dozens of different variations that you can pick from and choose from. And if you like one of them and want to use on your business, you can purchase that logo right then and there.

Then you got This tool is basically analytics on steroids. It will automatically track all the events on your website and come up with the suggestions of things that you could be doing to improve your performance. It’ll look at things like your conversion funnels, traffic sources, identify the strengths, opportunities for improvements. It pretty much does a lot of stuff automatically for you.

Next, If you’re camera shy and you don’t like to talk in public, you may like this one. It generates video that looks almost identical to a human speaking, and it’ll almost freak you out because it is pretty realistic.

Then you got This tool also allows you to remove the background from any video that you shoot. You know, people are just like, “Oh yeah, I can remove background images.” I’m talking about video images. You don’t even need a green screen or anything like that. It’ll remove even the more complex backgrounds.

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50 thoughts on “7 A.I. Marketing Tools That Will BLOW YOUR MIND”

  1. Neal, how do you find your competitors ads when you don't know who your competitor actually is? I know that sounds weird but, I'm tired of buying leads from lead vendors and I'd like to make my own ads to generate my own leads (Google Adwords). The lead vendors don't reveal anything about the domains their ads are pointing to, so I'm having a hard time analyzing ads. So how do we find ads when we know (roughly) what the creative is saying but don't know the domains that those ads are attached to?

  2. AI marketers believe that their tools will increase a company's promotional visibility, efficiency and most of all, bottom line. The future of marketing is already here with A.I. coming in to primarily help the marketers automate their task by assessing the target from data collected from email marketing (CPC, keyword targeting etc.), social media follower activities, website behavioral data and onboarding process and devising engaging content which not only provides adequate ROI but also connects with the right audience at the right time with little/no effort involved. Thanks for your video,
    Neil Patel

  3. Wow! Thanks, Neil. I will try all of them. Why the drum and upside-down effects in the videos? All those effects distracted me from what you were saying.

  4. Ok. I understand you have to give your opinion on some digital products, but saying "you don't even need a graphic designer to …" this is really offensive to an entire profession and to those people who worked their butts to pay their studies to learn that profession. Probably, if tomorrow there will be an ai product that, based on some symptoms we describe, will give us a diagnostic, you will also say " you do not even need a doctor…". So, curb your enthusyasm a little and maybe, in your future "presentations" you will avoid making references to people's way of making a living. Someday, an eighth version of an ai tool will blow your mind, too and, of course ours, will be able to replace those who give us presentations on ai, on youtube.

  5. I appreciate you recommending these valuable tools; I will definitely find them handy. WASK allows me to control all aspect of my business through a single channel, including target audience identification, ad creation, and competitor analysis.

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