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Home » 9 Winter Camping Do's & Don'ts – BEST Camping Tips

9 Winter Camping Do's & Don'ts – BEST Camping Tips

We endured nasty winter camping conditions and want to share the best lessons that we learned during these times. From camping in the snow to full-blown blizzard conditions, we cover popular topics for winter camping. Stay tuned for the best up-to-date information plus BONUS tips!

Winter camping topics that you can expect in today’s video:

Four-season camper overview
Heat loss prevention
Fresh water supply maintenance during harsh conditions
Propane usage and considerations
Frozen water line prevention/maintenance
Skirting considerations
Winter Camping BONUS TIPS


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30 thoughts on “9 Winter Camping Do's & Don'ts – BEST Camping Tips”

  1. We are from Montana and have done multiple winters at -36. We don’t have tank heaters but if it get -20 we will ad a small thermostat heater under the rv in the fully insulated space.

  2. Great video guys! We use our little travel trailer when staying weekends at my parent's farm in mid Missouri. They have a small house and there isn't a guest room. October- March we drain the tanks, winterize them and rely on water from their house. We installed electric hook-ups in the barn. When we are parked there we are between the barn and the hill so are super protected from the wind from the north and the south. I think the coldest it's been is about 0°F. We do usually get SUPER cold in Missouri. We have not installed skirting, but I will admit I'm tempted as the floor gets COLD. I have fabric to make quilted curtians to help with the drafts.

  3. I have a great RV tip for people who are looking to purchase a new RV and are wondering if their vehicle can handle the weight. I know this has nothing to do with cold weather like this video is about and I know you guys touched on this in a previous video before but this definitely an issue I see out on the road. So the following equation below is what I have been told by an RV salesman and I hope it helps everyone out there choose an RV that they can tow safely. Obviously this is more geared towards the hitch weight for 5th wheels but should work for bumper pulls as well. So, lets get to it.

    Go to the trailering sticker on the trailer and take the "hitch weight and divide it by the empty weight" that should give you a ration like ".15" for example which is equal to 15%. Take that .15 and times it by the max GVWR and that should tell you roughly what the pin weight is with the trailer fully loaded.

    Example: Grand Design Reflection 324MBS (UVW: 10864 / GVWR: 13995 / Hitch Weight: 1950)

    1950 / 10864 = 0.18 | 0.18 x 13995 = 2519 hitch weight fully loaded

    Obviously there are other factors to take into consideration when choosing an RV but this is a good start. You guys are awesome and I look forward to your videos every Thursday. Stay safe out there!

  4. 1 area not covered is the spaces in the cabinets, under the bed, dinette seats, etc. I’m basically a semi full timer in Alabama. 30 foot pull behind. Drive 18 wheelers and home every other weekend. Last winter there where a few very cold nights, maybe high 20’s. Biggest problem was the Camco heated water hose freezing up…..weird. Any how I was going to skirt this winter, but the cost even fairly cheap I’m still pondering. I did go with a 120 gallon propane take from a local company instead of my 2 30 pounders. Anyhow….cabinets and small overlooked areas…..the reflective rolls. What do you guys think?

  5. Just started full-time this month, finally! Traveling with my daughters until my wife can join us in November. These videos are so helpful! Thanks! I’m learning and making plenty of mistakes. Lol

  6. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 4 years full-time in our 1988 Itasca Class A, 31ft no slides. We go through at least one Polar Vortex every winter with temps in the -40 range before windchill…without a furnace. We use a Buddy heater, an electric heater and electric blankets on the bed and couch, with a small heater in the under bay. We have a composting toilet and turn our water off if it gets too cold. We have ordered a diesel heater for this winter so we should be able to leave the water on longer this year. I love my home most in the winter, it's so cozy.

  7. Can I or should I leave the gas switch on for the shower water heater (we leave the electric on all the time in our 310GK-R. Does it waste gas if im not using the shower? Right now we flip it on and off every time the wife showers. I never run out of hot water with the 12gal tank but she does.


  8. We could have used your nurse skills in fl after the hurricane Ian. FEMA was in tents treating patients in the parking area of our brand new hospital. My husband fell twice and hit his head and had to be rushed to the hospital ( fema tents) !! Then got shipped to winter haven hospital 2/5.hours away 😢. 10 hospitals south of us were closed or damaged and didn’t have enough staff to help them locally 😢😮‍💨😱.

  9. I’ve been in my RV at about -10°F
    Was also in single digits for like a month or two
    It was my first winter in the RV, but I learned a lot and now I’m more prepared for this winter in the RV!

  10. The coldest we have RVd through was -20 Fahrenheit. We full time RV in our Vanliegh Beacon, but our "home" is in South Dakota. During the winter we camp on our property in South Dakota and use straw (not hay) as skirting. Most little rodents do not like straw, and we supplement with plug in mouse deterent. Never have had an issue.

    Having farm cats outside and two cats inside certainly helps also.

  11. We made it through -15 in Colorado last Winter! We had heated hose, skirted, we coiled and wrapped our slinky. We went through the propane too. I have a pic but it wont let me share for some reason.

  12. I have a semi with a sleeper like camper. I have to pleasure of running in the Dakotas Northern MN all year. Truck is set up like a camp with shower, toilet, connection oven and cooked tops. We crank the heat up when cold 🥶. I will run water back into tank a few times a day to keep water flowing. Also put insulated panels in the windows. Put tray in sink to catch water. So drain doesn't freeze. Shower has a valve that we keep closed and only open it to drain after a shower. The fun and joy of running in the north besides trying to keep fuel from gelling

  13. It's been high 30s and mid 40s over night so far in south Carolina. Been using electric fireplace and space heater. Never propane, the heater is a pig with propane it's a waste.

    Heading to Florida next month. I'd keep moving to maintain temps above 30 and below 90 basically heh

    I was a bit surprised at the mention of drafts thru your slides that weird I've never seen that. I had the rv tipping in the hurricane wind and not even a tickle of air came thru the walls…

  14. We insulte our windows with reflectix…. Last winter we camped in South Carolina and froze the fresh water hook up lol it happens… great to remember to unhook that! Heading up to SC in November…. And Virginia…. So good reminders!! Love you two ~ Brad and Diana

  15. I was hoping you would have tips for where and how to keep your winter gear. Of course, we live in a trailer instead of a fifth wheel so our storage options are very very limited, but I'm wondering where we'll be able to keep our wet and muddy boots and coats during the bad weather months when we're already low on space. Any ideas would be great!

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