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Can you pursue what you love to do naturally and earn a living from it in a tough world based on money where you’re constantly being pushed to be a functional worker doing a mundane job?

I’m not talking about being an artist, an actor, a model or professional athlete. These are pipe dreams for almost everybody and they’re frivolous too. These entertainment fields don’t add value to the economy or to people’s real lives. Paintings, somebody doing a cute dance in a music video or people chasing a ball around add nothing to the practical needs of life like food, clothing, energy, transportation, etc.

I’m talking about doing something useful that can be fun and interesting and earn you a living.

Buy this book about creative jobs and self-employment ideas for about $10 at:

The 68 volumes are as follows:

Volume 1. A Get a Job Guide
Volume 2. Some Career and College Ideas
Volume 3. A Freelance-Remote Job Guide
Volume 4. A Remote Job Guide
Volume 5. Companies with Remote Jobs
Volume 6. Fun Jobs in Cool Places 1
Volume 7. Fun Jobs in Cool Places 2
Volume 8. A Canada-United States Summer Job Guide
Volume 9. Teach English as a Second Language Worldwide
Volume 10. A Canada Youth Job-Business Guide
Volume 11. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 1
Volume 12. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 2
Volume 13. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 3
Volume 14. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 4
Volume 15. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 5
Volume 16. A Bohemian-Odd Job-Biz Guide 6
Volume 17. A List of Industries at Industry Classification Guides
Volume 18. A Death Industry Job Guide
Volume 19. Be a Medical Subject, Sell Sperm and Eggs, Be a Baby Surrogate
Volume 20. A Gun-Hunting Info-Job Guide
Volume 21. A Casino-Gaming Job Guide
Volume 22. A Home Party Sales Guide
Volume 23. An Amusement Park and Zoo Fun-Job Guide
Volume 24. A List of Occupations
Volume 25. A Temporary-Moonlighting Job Guide
Volume 26. A Parttime Job Guide
Volume 27. A Young Person Business-Job Guide 1
Volume 28. A Young Person Business-Job Guide 2
Volume 29. A Young Adult-Entry Level-College Student Job Guide
Volume 30. A Liberal Arts Job Guide
Volume 31. A Summer Camp Info-Job Guide
Volume 32. A World Au Pair-Nanny-Governess Job Guide
Volume 33. An Event-Planning Guide
Volume 34. An Artist Job-Business Guide
Volume 35. Make Money with Ideas
Volume 36. The Creativity-Business Connection
Volume 37. A Business Start-up-Entrepreneur Idea Guide
Volume 38. A Money-Making Ideas Guide1
Volume 39. A Money-Making Ideas Guide 2
Volume 40. A Job and Business Idea Guide by Field
Volume 41. A Money-Making Idea Guide for Women
Volume 42. A Self-Employment Guide
Volume 43. A Work at Home-Home Business-Making Money Scam Guide
Volume 44. A Home Business Guide
Volume 45. A Home Office Guide
Volume 46. The Independent Contractor Tax Designation
Volume 47. A Self-Employment Website Guide
Volume 48. A Get Rich Peptalk Guide
Volume 49. A Business Opportunity (Biz Op)-Money-Making Ad Guide
Volume 50. A Business Opportunity Website Guide at
Volume 51. A Computer Money-Making Guide
Volume 52. An Internet Making-Money Guide
Volume 53. An Internet Making-Money Website Guide
Volume 54. Affiliating Marketing: Make Money Posting Ads for Others Online
Volume 55. Make Money with a Dating Website
Volume 56. A Make Money Website Guide 1
Volume 57. Make Money Website Guide 2
Volume 58. A Canada Making-Money Guide
Volume 59. A Franchise Guide
Volume 60. An Inventor’s Guide
Volume 61. A Trademark and Patent Guide
Volume 62. Intellectual Property, Copyright and Public Domain Property
Volume 63. A Canadian Intellectual Property Guide
Volume 64. A Product Development Guide
Volume 65. A Toy Creator-Toy Business Guide
Volume 66. A Trade Show Guide
Volume 67. A World Mobile Profession Guide
Volume 68. A Short-Term Work Abroad Website Guide

It’s about earning and making money for self-starters, misfits, creative people, adventurers and travelers who either:

don’t know what to do to earn a living

don’t want to sell their souls for an artificial job in the system

do not have the personality to work a regular job

do not want to be around other people

want to work anywhere in the world

want adventure, novelty and new experiences

There are two main ways for a free spirit to earn money:

do my own thing as in self-employment
work an interesting job

There are many legitimate ways to earn a decent living like:

be a doctor, lawyer, cosmetic dentist, etc.

offer a practical service like plumbing, electricity, etc.

offer some new app or video game

invent something

work in the construction field

sell something

Some money-making ideas are as follows:

ideas and inventions for new products
setting up a website
online marketing
franchises, biz ops (business opportunities)



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