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This is part 1 of a series which I may or may not continue with depending on what your thoughts are! Everything I say is legal with many people already utilising this. I hope you enjoy it Xx

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Disclaimer
00:45 – How is Income Tax Calculated
02:30 – Pension Contribution
04:20 – Company Structure
06:06 – Non-Taxable Income Stream
08:05 – Final thoughts

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25 thoughts on “ACCOUNTANT EXPLAINS: How to Pay Less Tax”

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge- it's invaluable! As a single mum, I've always been afraid to invest but didn't know where to start mainly because of the financial jargon. Thank you for making the information not sound like a complete mystery- it's so freeing to finally know there are ways to keep more of my hard earned money!

  2. Is there a video you have to explain taxes and costs for dummies ?
    I decided to go for ltd instead of sole trader but there's so much to learn I feel like I'm drowning. Like if all my costs for my company is 10k , I took 30k earnings. Does my take home income get declared as 20k

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful content…for
    putting it out there with the passion that many of us need and strive for. I'm starting to listen to you
    almost every morning. Your voice and words are
    calming, clarifying, uplifting and motivating. It feels real and genuine. I am grateful to have your channel as a source for having a better relationship with myself and the world around me

  4. Hi Nischa, really love your videos. can you please make a video about expanding more on setting up a company structure? Also, another video for 'how to set up an offshore account' would be really great. thanks 🙏

  5. I’d love to learn about the process of opening offshore accounts as you mention it’s easy for anybody to do? Please do a video on this if you could that would be very informative. 🙏

  6. Hi, Robert Kyosaki mentions the importance of learning taxes. Are there any accounting courses out there in UK that you would recommend for people intending to do business rather than having to do a whole degree on it.

  7. 5:30 when you explain individual vs company, can’t you also claim items and expenses anyway because you’re registered as a sole trader? Because to be a company you have to have a lot more involvement in the tax process and fill more forms etc?

  8. Hi Nischa, do you know if you can invest in a Pension Contribution in the UK from a different country? I am a citizen in both the UK and my home country but earn purely from my home country. How would one go about doing this?

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