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Achieve Accelerated Digital Marketing Results with CI Web Group

Achieve Accelerated Digital Marketing Results with CI Web Group

It’s important that you start to present yourself more professionally on the Internet, understand the challenges, and figure out where do you start. What are the questions that you ask? How do you choose a provider?

If you’re looking for someone to develop your website, if you’re looking for someone to help you take your business to another level using the different technologies and social media platforms, CI web group has done their homework.

I went with CI Web Group because I felt comfortable with them. When you talk to Jennifer, and you talk to any of the staff, you can really feel that they know what they’re talking about and that’s really important. They they’re very creative.

They have lots and lots of ideas. They’ve done this for a long time. They know what they’re doing. Very optimistic… It’s a can do organization. I’ve been really impressed with their ability to get my philosophy on a website.

Having a strategic advisor that can analyze all of the things you already have in place. What’s working? What’s not? Where do you want to go? Who is your target market? It’s critical to being able to make decisions.

Some of us didn’t know what search engine optimization was. We had a lot to learn overall, we really did! And social media is something that we’re pretty busy and not sure that we could do that. But CI Web Group was able to put a plan together that would suit our needs and they did a great job.

It’s important that you have a guide that can help you put together a website that’s going to be a powerful asset, and a tool for you to market your business.

You develop a relationship with CI Web Group, you can rely on them, and you work with them hand-in-hand. You Become an expert in a sense, but at the same time, you continue to learn and grow as new technologies and new methods emerge.

Your customers are doing research in two places, online and with their friends and family. It’s important that you properly positioned yourself. In order to do that you’re going to want to work with be a company that understands how to market, leveraging web, search, social, mobile, video and much more.

Most of our web pages and products are now first page recognition on search engines. With CI Web Group our name pops up on the first page, and we get a ton of phone calls just off of that… from a Google search. So that’s a very important part of our business. We found CI Web Group to be very professional and easy to work with, and it’s been a great experience for us!

By improving your overall processes and properly positioning your website online, it gives you the ability to save money and increase your overall revenue and your gross profits.

The first year of business I did $24,000. When I joined up with CI Web Group. The second year I did over $60,000 in business. Last year, well yeah, last year got to a point where I could quit my job as I was too busy. And this year I’m already peaking over what we did last year. So once you tap into real as SEO and real website design… website design and SEO that works for you… puts you in a place where your clients are looking for you. Then you got the building blocks for success. Then you’re putting your place on the map.

If you’re interested in visiting about how we can help you fix, correct, or replace your website definitely sign up for a free consultation.

They talked the talk… and they walked the walk. And today’s environment of web sites and web developers, and design of websites, and SEO and understanding Google Analytics, and how you actually help a company grow 0through a website. I would say that CI Web Group is definitely in the top 5.

I would say that if someone was thinking about having a website built and they wanted to make sure that it would have all of the current features to reach out to people on a variety of different social media platforms. Then CI Web Group is a very good company to work with. We’ve been very happy with them. They’ve been very responsive and they can build a website for a customer that can do everything you need it to do and even more. All the folks over at CI Web Group are super educated in their field and because of that, I really feel comfortable dealing with them on all aspects of e-commerce or e-business internet-related activity whether it be social media, websites, blogging they’re the ones to go to. They’re the only ones I’ve ever known that’s willing to teach you and to promote you the way that they have and that’s worth gold!

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