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Adido Digital Marketing Agency – Video Testimonial from BCHA
Discover how Bournemouth web consultancy company Adido helped BCHA with their web design and development. Using our web design hampshire services a new website was created for BCHA. Learn why BCHA think Adido are the first choice for dorset affordable web design, and how Adido do digital better!

Video Transcript:

Martin: Im Martin Hancock and Im Chief Executive at BCHA which is a specialist housing and social care provider. Weve worked with Adido for a number of years now. Weve always been very impressed with the quality of Gary and his team, and as Adido have grown and as weve grown a number of different people have got involved in projects and so weve all seen that there has been that sort of, the right culture and attitude in the relationship and for me that is key and that is nice to see. So they will be challenging us to say you know who is the website aimed at? Or whether its the intranet, what are you trying -messages youre trying to get across to staff or to customers and trying to make sure that we dont just concentrate on the first page of the website but also how easy it is to get to the real meat of it without too many clicks. They spend time on the relationship, not just lets quickly get the order and deliver the website and then move on to the next one. The base of the relationship is such that their top of the list to go back to.


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