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Affiliate Marketing, Newsletters, and Apps

Affiliate Marketing, Newsletters, and Apps

The Daily Overpass #120

We’ve been experimenting with building our email marketing lists with our apps lately. Today, I tell you a little bit about how we do that and how it’s working for us.

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Are you new here? I’m glad you showed up.

I’m Eric Wroolie. I make apps. And I run Overpass.

Overpass is a mobile app development agency based in Oxfordshire in the UK. I started it back in 2004 before there were even app stores!

Now, the company is myself and a small team of designers and developers. We outsource what we can and try to keep costs low, but I still code here and there.

My apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times globally and I have lived the ups and downs of being an app developer.

I started creating videos back in 2014 and have created over a thousand videos since. If you can’t tell, I can talk about apps all day. We also talk about running a small business and self-improvement on this channel.

If you need an app created, my company can help you.


If you are an app developer, like most of the viewers on this channel, I hope our shared experiences will help you out too. There is nothing more satisfying than making money from apps.

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Thanks to Ken York (ydvisual) for the intro –

Affiliate Marketing, Newsletters, and Apps
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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing, Newsletters, and Apps”

  1. Hey, just wondering, I will be making iOS/Android games, should I go with Unity ads? as they will be really easy to implement or go with Admob? as I will be eventually making utilities too, mostly games though?

  2. if somebody find a genuine video tutorial for affiliate marketing income like we have Eric doing videos then please post link to that channel/course here

  3. Affiliate marketing with apps i don't think that's going to work unless you've a different type of app for specific target audience but still it's not going to work that's my opinion.

    Affiliate marketing is good if you've an email list that is true but you've to build relationship with you're list to gain trust of you're list then you might have a chance that someone will buy something from you but still it's not that easy.A lot of the affiliate networks filled with scams I'm not saying everyone but majority of them are scams just to make quick bucks.

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