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Affiliate Software Plugin – The Best Affiliate Software On the Market – Works With WordPress

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If you are looking for the best affiliate software plugin then here it is … all you need to do now is find the best wordpress affiliate plugin for your website, and you will finally be able to pay the rent! But maybe the plugin’s you’ve found so far don’t handle affiliates, send them emails or integrate with the other systems you want to use! Half of them don’t even seem to work properly or even seem to send you affiliates an email to welcome them on board and tell them what they need to do to earn commission! WHICH IS VITAL if you want to make the most of them !
So if it tracked all of your leads to the pages that they landed on and it also integrated really easily with your wordpress (Jumla and other websites to load all of your affiliate,emails and banners and things into an affiliate centre. You can run auto responders to your affiliates based on when things happened like when they make a sale! Ohhh yeah I hear you say that sounds yumm !
This system is so much better than anything we’ve ever seen before and believe me we have kissed some serious frogs in the internet marketing space
This wordpress plugin moulds into your website it’s your CRM, a payment processing system, email marketing , auto responders, manages tasks for you and your team, it will manage your affiliate system, membership site, it manages the tracking on your website and it’ll show you exactly where your clients are interacting, and store all of your clients emails, files, documents and activity. It’s all together inside one amazing system you don’t need to learn any code (which is great!) and most things can be done in just one simple click of a button !
Simply it’s just genius If you’re serious about growing your business online then you would be an
Office autopilot is a fully customizable Contact manager that can automate how you follow up and manage relationships, it also allows you to be more effective by keeping everything (and i do mean everything) phone numbers, emails, conversation notes, meeting, activity, web history, documents history and more in one organised place. So you don’t have any more scrambling for your data in a half-dozen places and only sometimes finding it!
Affiliate management on autopilot
Office autopilot allows you to reach a vast network of customers that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise by having your affiliates promote and sell your products for you. With office autopilot you can run your own affiliate program to drive more sales and make more money, track who’s sending you leads and sales so you can pay affiliates for performance, run multiple programs with different payouts different products and more, give your affiliates access to your affiliate center which is powered by wordpress so it’s completely customisable. Here they can download banners and get links to promote your products as well as see how much traffic their driving the sales they’ve made of course most importantly to them how much money there earning.
The office autopilot affiliate management has totally awesome advanced tracking features for power users including the ability to run that one or two-tier programs , you can hard code affiliates links into your emails automatically set commission levels for a follow on sales and more powerful reporting allows you to see which affiliates are driving to the most traffic sales and even who’s sending you the customers that refund excessively. This is combined with office autopilot active response rule system, you can set up all kinds of cool stuff to happen in response to when you’re affiliates make sales or when they reach a certain number of sales
Like trigger a task for your assistant to send a gift basket when their reach a hundred sales which in comparison to the thousands of dollars they’ll have likely made already off those sales may not seem like much If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then you need office autopilot.
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