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Amazon Affiliate | How To Make Money With Amazon

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Amazon Affiliate

Whether you have a website dedicated to a topic or niche, have an e-commerce site that could sell more products, you are a blogger with a good following or just have access to public websites — you can make money with Amazon.

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There are 1000′s of tools, software and WordPress plugins to help or automate Amazon Affiliate marketing. Most of these evolve around automatically adding products, descriptions and reviews to your website based on keywords you specify. The benefit of these types of software is that once you have set up your amazon affiliate login once, they automate the whole process. The down side is if you use the wrong tool, your website can be filled with duplicate content that search engines see as a ‘thin site’ and punish accordingly. With the best tools your site is seen as having fresh, relevant content and search engines will ‘promote’ accordingly.

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