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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (What You NEED to Know)

It’s a lot easier than you might think to become an Amazon affiliate marketer. In recent years, thousands of people have gotten out of the 9 to 5 rat race by tapping into this lucrative opportunity – and depending on how you approach it, affiliate marketing with Amazon can either be a full-time gig or simply a decent way to earn a passive source of income. Here’s what you need to know.

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 – Intro
0:19 – The Basics
1:12 – Finding Your Niche
1:39 – Commission Structure
2:29 – Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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The average Amazon affiliate marketer makes around $100 a month, but some are making upwards of $20,000 a month. Keep in mind, though to see those kinds of numbers you’re going to need a HUGE audience with an absurdly high sales rate. Think of this program as less of a stand-alone hustle and more of a supplemental one if you’ve already got a sizable following online.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (What You NEED to Know)


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  1. I like your content bro. I didn’t know you could side hustle to be a freelance writer. Can you make more videos on other side hustles that are uncommon? Please and thanks.

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