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Anker GaNPrime Power Products: The Best Chargers for Travel

The Anker GaNPrime lineup are the best travel chargers I have used. They offer 6 different options that range from 65w of power delivery to 150w of power delivery and they even have options that are power strips with 65w or 100w of power delivery so you can charge and you don’t need to carry a power strip any more! I have traveled over 80,000 air miles with these over the last few months and they have been rock solid. The GaNPrime tm are the best multi-device/productivity chargers I have used to keep everything charged and running while also saving weight and size in my bags.

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15 thoughts on “Anker GaNPrime Power Products: The Best Chargers for Travel”

  1. I should have bought the 735…..looks to be perfect for my mini3, 2x GoPro and phone. I kinda regret the single 30w charger from Google. Thanks for your insight….

  2. Wish these products were around when I was in some of those no star hotels in no star places. Not to mention the 230v 50Hz receptacles that can cause your life to flash across your eyes.

  3. I'm traveling to Spain next summer and would like to fly my DJI Mini 3 Pro. I already have a Basic Licence with Transport Canada. Would I be able to fly or are there certain papers I would need to fill out? Thank you for your time.

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