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Another HUGE YouTube Monetization Update We (mostly) Like!

There will be a brand new to make money on YouTube and a brand new way to reach the YouTube monetization requires and it starts with finding out the answers in this video!
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0.00 – YouTube Shorts monetization start date
0:54 – Monetization eligibility
1:52 – Updates/changes to monetization agreements
3:19 – Making more money with shorts

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47 thoughts on “Another HUGE YouTube Monetization Update We (mostly) Like!”

  1. look I posted a few shorts and got some more subs (250 subs in 1 week) but I started posting normal videos again now I'm getting half the views id gotten before and I'm not really doing anything different so what should I do?

  2. Hey buddy I have a question not related to the video, I read the description about the automatic places feature and its mentioned that it will show only the location of the places which are mentioned in the video ( if there are any ) otherwise it won't show any location , so is that correct , also is there any quicker way to turn the option off instead of individually doing it ?????

  3. You can get 1k subscribers and you can do get a 4k watch hours or 10 million view , that's not impossible do that you can do 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  4. So why do people come to YouTube?
    To make a video? To watch a video? To be bombarded with ads?
    I can only say for me, I started years ago as a person and YouTube was very helpful and fun.
    Today YouTube is a weapon against the normal person.
    I don’t like the shorts and now that they’ll probably have ads I think my feelings will grow.
    The time is right for YouTube to fade away.

  5. I am upset about something else, this is a big issue and nobody seems to care.
    There are channels who keep reposting their shorts like 10-20times and even their long videos (making new channels and uploading the same videos from their main channel). New creators are struggling getting some views and instead the algorithm promotes the already posted video, over and over again.
    I know there's a rule that you cannot repost the same video (without any changes at it) but nobody does nothing!!!

  6. 10M views sounds sick! 😢🥲 Good for people who are already getting views. But it's really harder than you think if you're just starting out on YouTube, like me. 👀 Well, we should try to push through these hardships.

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