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Apple iPad Pro 2023 Release Date Looks Promising If This Happens!

New iPad Pro lineup can still be released in late 2023, even if many of us already expressed the doubt in it’s arrival. While initial leaks only mention M3 chips, there are few upgrades that may easily get showcased by Apple with next generation launch. Check Digital Markings latest iPad Mini 7 video:

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0:00 Intro
1:02 *SPONSORED MINUTE: Minisopuru USB-C hub quick promo review
2:02 Is there still hope for iPad Pro in 2023
3:16 Apple will not take any chances without some of these upgrades, regardless of it’s more conservative approach
5:28 Closure

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11 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro 2023 Release Date Looks Promising If This Happens!”

  1. If apple is trying to replace laptops in future then it's good but it remains useless unless apple won't provide smartphone features(especially cellular and sms service and othe compatible apps like watsapp) because it will make ipads more diverse. And if you practicall think then true wireless headphones and earphones suits more on ipads rather than smartphones. Ipads are 2 in 1. Poor apple strategy. Ipads could be our future in both ways as it could serve as computer and smartphone device . And last, good video. See you in next video.

  2. I got a new iPad last year and I ordered a 16 inch Mac. I might be tempted to buy a 2023 iPad with OLED with more memory for xCode and other high endMac Apps. More likely 🎉 wait for 2024 iPad to see how a 2023 OLED etc. works out.

  3. Some features/upgrade i would like are pretty typical, nothing unique.

    1) better screen. I have the ipad pro 12.9 (2021). Its got miniLED. Its amazing, but still, the LED bleeding is pretty bad under specific scenarios. You can get used to it, but still.
    2) better/bigger battery. Mainly because we can never know when they will truly start polishing their IOS again, like the IOS 12.
    3) larger screen. I know its not really a feature/upgrade, but it would be interesting to see a 14 inch tablet. Im a multimedia user/lightwork user, so i would love this.

    On this note, a polished ios that doesnt suck the battery dry would be far more worth for me than any of the aforementioned features/upgrades.

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