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Home » Apple's Confusing 2022 iPad Lineup – Which iPad to Buy?!

Apple's Confusing 2022 iPad Lineup – Which iPad to Buy?!

Apple’s 2022 iPad lineup now consists of 6 different iPads, including the new iPad 10th-generation and the M2 iPad Pro 2022! In this video, I explain which one YOU should be buying!
THIS is the iPad to buy in 2022 ➡

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iPad 9 ($299 SALE) ➡
NEW iPad 10 ($449) ➡
iPad mini 6 ($460) ➡
iPad Air 5 ($519) ➡
NEW M2 iPad Pro 11″ ➡
NEW M2 iPad Pro 12.9″ ➡

Older iPad models on Amazon ⬇️
M1 iPad Pro 11″ ($650) ➡
M1 iPad Pro 12.9″ ($750) ➡
2020 iPad Air 4 ($409 RENEWED) ➡
2018 iPad Pro 11″ ($422 RENEWED) ➡

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50 thoughts on “Apple's Confusing 2022 iPad Lineup – Which iPad to Buy?!”

  1. THIS is the iPad to buy in 2022 ➡
    Like our wallpapers? Download them here ➡
    Best deals on current iPads on Amazon ⬇
    iPad 9 ($299 SALE) ➡
    NEW iPad 10 ($449) ➡
    iPad mini 6 ($460) ➡
    iPad Air 5 ($519) ➡
    NEW M2 iPad Pro 11" ➡
    NEW M2 iPad Pro 12.9" ➡
    Older iPad models on Amazon ⬇
    M1 iPad Pro 11" ($650) ➡
    M1 iPad Pro 12.9" ($750) ➡
    2020 iPad Air 4 ($409 RENEWED) ➡
    2018 iPad Pro 11" ($422 RENEWED) ➡

  2. The only thing that is amazing is about the 10th Gen. iPad is the Screen getting expended everything else still feels the same as last Year.

    With the IPad Pro M2 it’s not worth getting or upgrading to. I only recommend getting the M1 models while they last.

  3. The iPad mini is my favorite and still the one I use. I bought the M1 iPad Pro 11 (256) but never used it and ended up giving it to my mom who loves it. The only thing I don't like about my Mini is the screen which I find to be almost lower than 60hz if that's possible. On another note, I really wish Apple would allow us to side load things because with how powerful these iPads are, emulators would run awesome on them. With how locked down iPadOS is, there is almost no reason to upgrade from gen to gen especially on the Pro models which is why Apple has been locking down features like Stage Manager artificially to M1 and up to force people to upgrade.

  4. the new ipad pro is a joke. the M1 was already overkill. you will gain literally nothing going to an M2. The screen can't go past 120hz, the M1 already played 99.9% of all games at 120 FPS. 16GB of ram is a joke unless you are one of the 17 people in the world using DaVinci or Pro res all the time. on an iPad…. Wi-fi 6E? how? it doesn't have access to 6Ghz band. it can't do 6E unless it hits 6Ghz. wi-Fi 6 can use 2.4/5Ghz, but E requires 6Ghz. look at tech specs. no 6Ghz listed

  5. I still believe that M1 chips aren’t a must have on their tablets, A16X with 8GB (or 12GB) of ram would be enough for Pro models. Instead wireless charging, IP68 water resistance and up to 14h of battery life would rise an eyebrow. Also tweaking the size of 11” to 11.3” would also be a good way to differentiate between cheaper 10.9” inch display options.

  6. You know how you can tell that many tech youtubers don't really know what they're talking about? They only compare prices and specs. Apple has already announced SEVERAL features that are only available to M-series iPads. Buying an A-series is basically buying obsolescence. Not knowing about that shows that even after all these years, you're just reading the spec sheet…then, you recommended an Amazon-renewed product over the current generation products. Apple refurb? Absolutely. I will never buy an Amazon "Renewed" product; what a waste and risk.

  7. iPad 9 is the best. It has a freaking 3.5 mm jack! Awesome feature for musicians. I use it as a musical instrument. I can play on garage band, connecting midi controller and speakers at a same time. Other models can't do that. Bluetooth has huge lag, you can't play real time. There are some lame ass adapters available – unpractical, unprofessional, expensive, also no way those provide same quality as separate ports

  8. Who is gonna be recording with an ipad?? Interior Designers, Artists, architects,drone pilots, Photographers, land Surveyors, Ship captain, Engineers….the list is endless…

  9. . ugh .

    I'm ready to buy an iPad, but I with the lineup being so janky, I feel like I need to wait till the next update to get the landscape camera in one of the more powerful versions.

    It's almost like they're afraid of creating the perfect iPad with all the features, instead they give you confusing options that make you not want to buy any.

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