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Are Big YouTubers Just Lucky Or Is Something Else Going On?

Some people think YouTube is just about getting lucky. Others think you have to be intentional about everything and some think growing on YouTube is a mixture of the two. In this video we talk about YouTube luck and how it applies to the YouTube algorithm.

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23 thoughts on “Are Big YouTubers Just Lucky Or Is Something Else Going On?”

  1. Putting it all on "luck" just helps you abdicate any responsibility for how your content performs. Blaming YouTube, the algorithm, etc. for your results instead of owning it is like an ostrich putting their head in the sand. You've just given up on any success by calling it "luck". Instead, take ownership – study on how to be better and think better.

  2. Hello Nick, I changed the videos I cut the boring parts, from 50 min videos I have done them for 10 min long videos and added meme sounds and clips but still have less views and no subscribers and am considering quitting thanks anyways hope you have a great day !

  3. I've made 43 videos and have 43 subs. I usually get one sub per video 🤗 . . .only 957 more videos to go! lol But in all seriousness most of my subs come from outside of YouTube – either from word of mouth or if my audience sees me featured on a different platform. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Hi Nick,I hope you’re keeping well,I’m not a big YouTube channel and I totally agree with you, at first like you and others say when you first start a channel,YouTube doesn’t know who you are and in the first year this shows in the amount views you get as it take the algorithm time to work it out. Mine is a fairly niche channel about fishing in the uk,but by picking out things that you and others say and applying them my channel it is steadily growing.I now have very loyal subscribers of over 1800. The biggest thing for me is you have to love doing what you’re doing,so in 18 months I have on average 100 subs a month,but in reality 1000 of those have subscribed in the last 6 months,which proves it just takes time. So my advice to anyone don’t give up and believe in yourself 👍👍

  5. This is a side note, but what gripes me the most on YouTube is how thumbnails are merely bait mechanisms and often have little to do with the actual content when you watch the video. Yet, those videos get millions of views. I can't be this shallow and photoshop thumbnails to trick people into clicking.

  6. Big success on YT, you must be lucky, you must hit the topic and viewers' interest. For example, one channel about covid reached 1 million viewers per film, the war in Ukraine started, and it has 1/3 of what he had before, what is he supposed to do? Change the subject? You can have your 5 minutes for a year, so what if the year passes and something you can't predict happens, you can be the best at what you do and it won't pay off to do it anyway …

  7. I agree with a lot of what you say but don’t know how you can suggest that luck plays no role in YouTube success. If that were true only amazing content would blow up and bad content wouldn’t. There’s plenty of amazing videos that never see the light of day. Luck plays a role in every walk of life, not just YouTube. That’s not to dismiss hard work paying off but luck helps too. Ali Abdaals opinion that it’s work + unfair advantage + luck = success makes the most sense to me.

  8. There are a few factors but the biggest one is luck. There have been many studies done on success in business sports etc and luck is a huge factor in any success. Some of my best performing videos have terrible thumbnails. I see videos all the time with terrible thumbnails and titles that tell you almost nothing about the video with hundreds of thousands to millions of views. I know creators that have been putting out amazing content for years and have had very little success and others that put very little effort in and get amazing results out of nowhere.

  9. Just saw a kid (new channel I assume as they don't have old videos) post a 30-second clip of him running away from a dragon in Elden Ring. 1.3 Million views! No thumbnail, no tags, NO DESCRIPTION! 1.3 MILLION VIEWS!

    I've posted Elden Ring content myself (not the best quality lol) and have seen really good gamers post INCREDIBLE Elden Ring content from 15 seconds to 5 hours. FULL THUMBNAILS AND METADATA! And bupkis!

    So yes, luck plays into it! It's not everything and 7 times out of 10 it's down to the grind and the hustle! But I have DEFINITELY seen luck CARRY FULL CHANNELS!
    Should you rely on luck or stop putting in work? No. 
    But it does knock the wind out of you when you see uninspired content blowing up after you put hours into perfecting your craft!

    So I think you are both right and wrong. Yes, you're right, You should be putting in effort and work but don't downplay luck like there is lackluster content on youtube with millions of views.

    And that includes me, I have videos that I KNOW I half-assed and they do better than videos I put in work for.
    What I WILL say is that when the video that you put in work on DOES pop, it pops better than the lucky videos!

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