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Arthritis in Autumn 2022 (1-4)

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Welcome to OsteosynArthritisCare channel! A most unique place to grow with us in healthy movement and wellbeing. Pure Ingredients in the Right Amounts, Always!
Autumn is here again and the change in season brings a unique set of challenges for arthritis patients. This week’s Synutra Pure Blog revisits last year’s autumn discussion and aims to answer common seasonal arthritis questions like; does cold weather make arthritis worse? How can I protect my joints in the Fall? How can I reduce Fall arthritis pain? Come give this week’s blog a read if you’re curious about arthritis in autumn!

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1) “Tips for Reducing Fall/Winter Joint Pain” Oct. 7th, 2019
Pain Management and Injury Relief
2) “It’s Cold Outside, Do Your Joints Hurt?” Jan. 26th, 2021
Kenneth Chakour, MD
UChicago Medicine
3) “Fall Outdoor Exercises For People With Arthritis”


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