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Home » AWESOME Things To Do In VR That's NOT Gaming (2022)

AWESOME Things To Do In VR That's NOT Gaming (2022)

Most people think VR is just for gaming but there’s so much more. Today I’ll show you what else is awesome to explore!
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I make this video every year as XR tech advances rapidly, and we keep getting new or improved things. This year is even better as covid accelerated the industry. How fast this goes is just mind-blowing!

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Explore the wildest places
01:05 VR Museum
01:36 Recreate Your Room 1-on-1
02:10 Get Better at Sports
03:42 Watch 3D Movies In A Private Theater
04:20 (ghehe) Meeting Movie Stars in VR
05:12 Overcoming Fears
06:09 Measuring Tape
06:19 Collaborate in VR
07:32 Learning in VR
08:48 VR 360 Videos
09:33 VR Events
10:12 VR Clubbing
10:50 Diary 3.0
11:57 VR Robot
12:20 Get a VR job in a metaverse company
13:48 Final Thoughts & Outro


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VR on! – Cas and Chary VR


35 thoughts on “AWESOME Things To Do In VR That's NOT Gaming (2022)”

  1. BigScreen on the Quest2 is amazing – although it would be nice to populate the rest of the cinema with people, as it's quite creepy sitting on your own, especially if you're watching a horror film!

  2. Excellent video. I keep waiting for the hardware that will allow me to work in VR. We are getting closer and closer with Pico4 and the new Meta product. Lightweight, high resolution and color passthrough so I can see my real keyboard and mouse with a giant workspace.

  3. Going to check the link out later. The tech for remote work is here, but the tax laws and government regulations haven't kept up. Most major companies won't hire globally, but just select places.

  4. I'm using it to showcase my paintings. I created my own museum with 3D max, made 360 renderings and made it VR ready with 3DVista. So when visitors go to my website it's more immersive than traditional websites (without a headset the website is also 360)

  5. There are lots of great educational VR experiences available from steam or through side quest. Until about the start of September 2022 I was still enjoying Amaze VR interactive movies on the Oculus Go, theres nothing quite like that, and its a real shame nothing like it exists on the quest.

  6. I just started using a plugin called vr sketch made with unity to 3D model in vr for sketchup and it works really well! It's definitely not perfect yet since there are still tools missing and i can't use my other plugins in vr but at least my software is open on screen so i can switch to flatscreen really fast and do what needs to be done. it's a feature i've been looking forward to for years and i'm so happy it's finally here!!

  7. damned I live in Paris but I didn't know there was a vr egyptian experience at the institut du monde arabe. Apparently it's over since last week… to bad. I still hope somebody makes a vr mod for the assassin's creed game (while waiting for the real ACvr game)

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