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Bad Days in RV Life – Rough Back In's & Flat Tires

RV Life has good days and bad days. But it’s the rough days that make the good ones feel so much better. In this video, we share one of our rougher days – complete with a flat tire and an unpleasant back-in.

But despite all of that, we’re still happy living the RV life! If you’re considering making the switch to RV living, be sure to watch this video first to get a realistic idea of what to expect!


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_A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Kara and Nate and Keep Your Daydream. The style of this video is also similar to Changing Lanes or Eamon & Bec in parts._

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47 thoughts on “Bad Days in RV Life – Rough Back In's & Flat Tires”

  1. What ya’ll up to on this Thursday evening? Is everyone getting ready for the holiday season? I can’t believe it’s getting cold out … this year has gone by WAY too fast 😭

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    Items found in this video:

    Tire Patch Kit

    VIAIR Portable Air Compressor

    Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

    B&W Companion Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch


    Tri-Lynx Levelers

    Dexter’s Travel Crate

    Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses

    Renee’s Date Night Dress

  2. Good job backing…I would have "found" the tree or post. There are times I wish I had a co-pilot!! George is good but he doesn't give directions well other than feed me NOW!!

  3. You guys rock and spot on with your video. I tell my wife every campsite is like Christmas morning there is always a surprise. We recently arrive to our campsite to learn it was very tight. As we survey and discuss our approach to backing in our campsite , we had some other people to walk up to watch and that elevated my nervousness. Thanks to my wife telling me you got this which was a vote of confidence. You are correct patience and communication is the key when backing in your campsite and also good marriage therapy .

  4. #Go Hanks congratulations on 100,000 Viewers. A warm day up in Wisconsin 71° wash the camper winterized cleaned inside and put it away for the year I was sad enjoy your videos very much thanks for Wisconsin

  5. C’mon Carl, backing in is easy. I just take the camper off the hitch, lift er up with my left hand, put my right shoulder into it, and shove it into the parking spot. Super easy! 🤔😆

  6. New subscriber. I live in my rv myself but boondock. I don’t watch many other RVers, I prefer cooking or history channels. But you guys are so entertaining that I can’t help myself. 😂 Thank you for always making me smile and laugh! And show me places I need to put on my bucket list. ❤

  7. Congrats on 100,000 subscribers! We love watching your videos. We are staying at Anastasia State park for a week in January, thanks for restaurant recommendation! We always travel with our cat Mango. Hope to see you all on the road sometime!

  8. Good morning. I always look forward to your videos. Feel like family but we have never met. We were on the road a few weeks ago and I was watching to see if we might pass…LOL. I will be 60 in two weeks and my wife and I are looking for our first RV to enjoy some weekend RV life until I retire in a few years. Starting small maybe 24-28 ft towable. We would like to do all 50 states but we will see how that works. Heading to the Tampa RV show tomorrow. Thank you for all your great information. You give so much more real life information than the RV sales department.

    Thanks again for sharing. God Bless, stay safe and high 5 to Dexter!

  9. HELLO HANKS!! Love your videos it has inspired my wife and I to start our research to living the RV life when we retire. We've been catching up on all of your video, but i'm not sure if you covered the one question we have. How do you get your packages and or mail while on the road? Is there a home base you use. Thanks again. LET IT RIP!!

  10. I have a Viair and love it. It's super convenient and as you said does a great job filling your tires. It even has extended hoses that can reach back to your trailer tires and fill those also!

  11. Great Thing about Sun Outdoors, Most of them take Passport America for a Week or more, so love that half price. usually a week at on of their resorts will save you 2/3's or more of the $300 lifetime membership

  12. One point to add about the plugging kit. The T handle used to prep the hole does more than make it bigger. The plugs you will note have a tackiness to them, and you have a tube of adhesive. The T has abrasive serrations that rough up the rubber in the hole, which allows for a much more effective bond between the tire and the plug at a molecular level. So its is very important that you really work it…let it rip!

  13. a compressor is a Must, I have a Rolo with a small Tank, I have used it on the road and plugged tires. Just make sure you have either enough cord, and/or hose to reach all your RV tires from the battery in the truck, or in your rig if needed.

  14. You can always come up to WI, we are expecting our first snow appearance this weekend. I know how much you miss that. LOL. You both definitely show the ups and downs of RV life in a good way. Hope to cross paths someday. Safe travels

  15. New Subscriber. I MUST BE YOUR 100K SUBSCRIBER ! LOL. My wife an I are looking to get an RV soon and start our Journey. YOU guys have inspired us Soooooo much. I have been catching up on your videos. we'll be at the Tampa show in January. Would love to run into you someday. Keep the adventures coming. God Bless and stay safe.

  16. Sucks you Guys had a flat. We have our share of back up kerfuffles. He normally does not look in the back up camera or listen to me. He would rather get out and look for himself. Your setting up of the camper is similar to how we setup ours only we detach a tow vehicle and you all detach your truck. We use a list to check off everything or we would surely forget something. I normally am responsible for the inside of the coach and my hubby does the outside stuff. Renee It looks like you were doing most of the work.😂 Maybe I didn't see all of what Kyle did. We really can identify with you all. I'm a retired ED/psych nurse and he is a retired flight nurse/IS nurse. We would really like to go full-time, but right now we have some family commitments. Thank for sharing you entertaining and educational video. — Ray and Richard

  17. Interesting (?) that the flat was from a bolt. I haven't had a flat in years until a couple of weeks ago & it was also from a bolt, not anything sharp. Ditto on carrying an air compressor with us.

  18. We were shocked when this video popped up and we saw you were at the same campground we were at for five days at the end of October. That was a very sweet spot you had. We were in the Oasis section with the paved parking spaces and lots of room. Unfortunately we paid $68 a night to be in that section. Wish we had known about that restaurant. It looked good.

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