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Home » Benefits of taking a loan | How to take loans to make money

Benefits of taking a loan | How to take loans to make money

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Taking a loan can be a dangerous game.
But if done smartly, you can make CRORES out of it.

Watch this video till the end to understand why I took a Rs. 1 crore loan to buy a villa in Goa instead of making a complete downpayment
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Video Editor: Vallabh Salgaonkar


33 thoughts on “Benefits of taking a loan | How to take loans to make money”

  1. Hey Akshat, there are lot of options to but commercial space which have a fixed rent that the developer promises for a 10 year period. The rental yeild is between 5-8% per month. Do you have any insight into these? Any traps that you can foresee?

  2. I think It's better to Invest Lumpsum half of Villa Value like 50L in Flexicap Mutual Fund and Get 50K (10%) Through SWP from Same Fund. In next 10 Year Your Fund also will grow 4X and no maintenance also required. And no problem of kabja and all . #StockLover

  3. Great content … Very well summarized … I m glad unlike others u covered all aspects of investment, House, Gold and Stocks and the important fact that it is good to take a loan(debt) provided u are investing it in a good asset.

  4. MISLEADING VIDEO ( no offence):
    Two points-
    1. For Rs 80,000 EMI you are getting Rs 80,000 rent. Net is NOT zero as you said. You will be paying salary to caretaker and to pay monthly maintenance cost.
    2. Return is not 4X after 10 years as you will be paying huge amounts of money as pending loan amount in foreclosure of your loan.
    Wish to have your insights on these points for everyone’s benefit.

  5. Hi Akshat, just wanted to take your suggestion in one of my real estate property…I have bought a flat in 2019, now the flat value is gone up around 2x because of the strategic location and immense development happened in that area. Now should I consider to sell out for good amount of capital gain or should I consider to rent it out ? Flat value is generally decaying over time and I won't be able to get good return or may be not able to sell it after few years. And considering the rental yield of 3-4% from residential property , which is also not very good. Kindly suggest your opinion here.would love to speak with you one to one if possible also.. thank you.

  6. @akshatZayn I'm confused between asset vs liability in terms of EV (bike) which worth 4lakh rupees. right now I'm not employed person so it will be from my dad's salary and currently it's not my need but I'm considering the fuel charges in future so I want to save the fuel expenses of my own so can you please explain me that taking loan for 3 lakh for 48 month is good decision or not ?

  7. What nonsense?. A CA won't tell you that a car is Asset… Please educate yourself before providing information on YouTube… A CA, CS or CMA knows more about finance then other people. They can provide you with better solutions to your Loans, taxes , etc. So kindly consult any professional CA-CS-CMA for these kind of information.

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