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Home » Best Settings For OBS Streaming On YouTube

Best Settings For OBS Streaming On YouTube

Best Settings For OBS Streaming On YouTube

Today I go through the best setting for OBS on Youtube! Quick and Easy.

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30 thoughts on “Best Settings For OBS Streaming On YouTube”

  1. I gave up on OBS . It records my audio fine, but the picture frames lag big time. I’ve tried several things to fix this but nothing seems to work . I have a simple streaming lab top maybe my computer isn’t right for the program.

  2. Question…I have an xbox series s…a decent laptop…a decent webcam…a headset and Mike for xbox
    Can I use these things…with obs to livestream to YouTube…cheers

  3. @Michael Feyrer Jr. Thanks! what I would like to know is a way to have individual avatars react through discord chat with "scale to sound". I run a roleplay game channel. We use discord to video chat while gaming on Fantasy Grounds. What I would like to do is have each players voice through discord separately react to their own avatar with "scale to sound" is there any way to possibly do this? Would it be better to use a different video chat like Streamyard to do this?? please help, thank you for your awesome vids, they got me going with OBS, a real timesaver for me.

  4. My viewers let me know that sometimes my Spotify output gets choppy.. maybe like a helicopter? But then it fixes itself in about a minute. I have made sure that everything is set to 48 kHz and nothing sounds wrong on my end. This has been very frustrating and I do not know how to fix.

  5. Your content is great Michael but I think you need to start letting people know that this is for version 27 and not 28 (although should be useful for both). If it ain’t broke don’t fix it but don’t get left behind by constantly producing content for old software versions (maybe focus on both 27 and 28 versions so people can upgrade with you). That said I still love your videos and they have been helpful.

  6. Great video! I need help with the sound in Second Life. I can't get a great sound when avatars speak. I'm on a MAC and use Caster at your recommendation. I tried Blackhole, but believe Caster is better. I have no problems with streaming to Youtube on a browser with additional web-based browser sound, but there's something about SL that's not working. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  7. hi mechael i need help for setap obs for twitch, my youtube is perfekt
    my pc setup is r7 5800x, 16 ram, gpu 6800 internet line 100mgb

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