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Best VPN For India | 4 FREE VPN That Bypass Anti-VPN Laws!

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VPN laws in India have changed dramatically, forcing a majority of the best VPN for India to withdraw from the country. But there are enough free VPN for India left for you to do whatever you want. So I’ll tell you what’s the deal with those new laws, when you need a VPN, and most importantly: which free VPN for India is the best right now.

💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

Starting on September 25th, VPN providers still located in India will be forced to gather user data, and relinquish it to the government on demand.

So, to clarify:
“Is VPN banned in India?” – NO
“Is VPN safe in India” – also NO.
“Can you still use VPN in India?” – thankfully, YES!

In fact, I have 4 free VPN for India choices, which privacy features negate those laws

=== AtlasVPN – the best free VPN for India ===

The first best VPN for India is Atlas VPN, but let me tell you why. This is a pretty decent free VPN. India users will be able to access 3 locations in the Netherlands and the US. Atlas VPN uses one of the fastest protocols – WireGuard and keeps users secure with the latest encryption and a robust kill switch. My only issue with it is the US jurisdiction, but considering Atlas VPN’s no-logs policy, it’s not a critical downside.

Since AtlasVPN is natively designed for mobile devices, it’s a great free Indian VPN for iPhone and the best VPN India for Android. Being free, Atlas VPN naturally has limitations – there’s a 5 GB data limit per month and most servers are premium only. You also can’t stream content from Netflix and other platforms using free servers.

=== Surfshark VPN – the best VPN you can get for 37 days free ===

Naturally, that won’t do. That’s why I want to throw in the honorable mention of this list – Surfshark VPN. While this is a premium VPN, there’s a way to use this best VPN for free for 37 days!

As long as you get a free trial first and then use a money-back guarantee, you’ll be getting 37 days of free Indian VPN for PC, Android, iOS, and Mac! That way you will get access to over 3,200 servers, including many virtual locations in India, unlimited streaming support, and the ability to connect one account to any number of devices. I’ve just tested Surfshark with Indian streaming content, and it managed to connect to Hotstar, JioCinema, and SonyLIV without problems.

Equipped with the Wireguard protocol, Surfshark has the same baseline security as Atlas VPN, but also some advanced features such as malware protection, firewall bypassing, and safe browsing.

=== ProtonVPN – best free VPN without data cap ===

And now I’m back with a completely free VPN – Proton VPN. This provider has no data cap, already making it pretty much one of the best VPN in India. Proton VPN has standard security features available for free, and some more hidden behind a paywall. Privacy-wise it’s based in Switzerland, a privacy-focused country, so there’re no issues there. One main downside of this free VPN for India is the incapability to connect to streaming content.

With the premium version you will be able to use Indian servers. Since Proton VPN doesn’t want to give information to the Indian government, these won’t be physical servers. Instead, Proton VPN will use Smart-routing to provide Indian users with India IP and location data through Singapore servers. This makes Proton VPN almost the best VPN for India server right now.

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