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BEST Way to Remove Earwax from Home

At Home Earwax Removal. Doctor Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions, discusses the Best way to remove stubborn cerumen from your own ears from your home using Eosera Earwax MD ear drops.


28 thoughts on “BEST Way to Remove Earwax from Home”

  1. Doc I'm going to try this!!! I've been suffering from this ringing in my right ear for the last couple of months and I know it's from being clogged as I had a clog removed before going to the doctor. I don't use Q-tips at all so I believe I have moderate to severe dry ear wax. Thank you for the information!!!

  2. I think it should be worth mentioning that bulb will get moldy inside. I used one one time and got the worst ear infection of my life. Use it once and throw away or sterilize it before reusing it.

  3. Thank you! Great video.Have ever heard of or used a gentle suction method which my wife (we are from USA.)experienced in the UK when she was really hurting from her ear wax. A qualified man actually came to our vacation cottage by appointment and used a special gentle suction tool/vacuum to remove her bothersome ear wax. Pretty easy procedure, painless and timely. We have never experienced this here in the USA. Thanks!

  4. I have been using earwax md for about a year and it really does work. I have one of those otoscopes that connect to my iPhone and can see how clean my ears have become.
    This stuff seems to dissolve the wax but I did have use it a few times. But it works. Nothing else I have tried ever did

  5. My ear was really plugged. Eosera Earwax MD ear drops. Walmart , Name was not on box but I saw the pakage.$20. 2 applications = 1/2 Hour. I can hear great…Well worth it..Thanks Cliff from Cliff

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