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Home » Bringing In $19K A Month Throwing Parties | On The Side

Bringing In $19K A Month Throwing Parties | On The Side

Mallory Strange, 26, started her side hustle Bach Babes in October of 2020 and has already brought in over $100,000 planning bachelorette parties. She is now doing Bach Babes full time and has has hired interns, part-time decorators and has over 185 parties booked.

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Bringing In $19K A Month Throwing Bachelorette Parties | On The Side


23 thoughts on “Bringing In $19K A Month Throwing Parties | On The Side”

  1. I would never use that service for a bachelor party, not in a million years. It’s supposed to be organized by someone you trust and know you well, it’s very personal

  2. Can't believe she threw early parties for just $150!! Such a common story with new business owners undervaluing themselves! I could never deal with the entitlement of some clients, but clearly she has tenacity.

  3. “And you get it once in a life time”
    Let’s not forget 50% of these peeps will get divorced. If you care more about the bachelorette party than the man, it’s inevitable.

  4. Fun business! I put everything back into my business also. I want to try TikTok but need to make videos. There’s a lot of people selling what I do (jewelry making supplies) but I know I can do it. 😀

  5. This is who young girls and women should be looking up to and find inspiring not the Kardashians or fake influencers. This lady is the perfect example of hard work and determination. I hope to one day have my own laundry business and videos like this just make me feel really motivated. 😁

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