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Broken. Interpreting metaphors as facts is a dangerous game. We are burnt out and broken and today we show you what it takes to push through when everything and anything seems to go wrong with vanlife in Alaska. It’s Spring, which means our brains have been in a dark hibernation and when we begin to see the light again, Alaskans start to go a little crazy. I have a friend who told me writers block isn’t real, but I’ve been struggling to create, so I will keep pushing forward and keep creating, even when I don’t feel creative. All these world events on our mind like pandemics and Ukraine, inflation and gas prices, we haven’t been putting on many miles. Our 4×4 Sprinter started having problems with the breaking system after days of freezing rain and storms. We don’t want to highlight negativity, just show you it exists. We are blessed because we have each other and a strong support system, but creativity gets blocked when our brains get tired and our lives begin to break down. We keep pushing forward to bigger and better things in our lives, and we’ve been excited to tell you, we’re waiting to break through these blues and return to exploring and pushing ourselves on to our next adventure. Winter in Alaska, hasn’t been easy, but we have great things to look forward to this summer! Meeting up with all of you, and considering the solitude of full-time cabin life without Youtube. Thank you for the encouragement.

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38 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. Life is beautiful with the difficulties we live in. .those difficulties teach us very good things. In short, they show us life and everything in it. .. by the way the eggs and donuts look so great. I wish everyone a beautiful and peaceful life. .☺

  2. Sweet Ember should serve as a model for our lives. She is happy with food, a warm bed, good friends, and an occasional swim. Minimalism at its best indeed. Finding peace in a turbulent world is a gift from God. Searching in his quiet places is wise. Thanks for taking me along,

  3. Take a break folks. Listen to your body. Know that your videos always warm my heart and soul. I’ll just revisit the older videos until you return. Thank you both for all the work and time you have put/ invested into these lovely time capsules for us. 👍🔆👏

  4. So happy to see you again, so sad you are struggling, so glad to hear you are working through it. We all go through our down time's the thing is that we have to come THROUGH them, learn from them, ask forgiveness, FORGIVE, and start over. With adjustments as necessary!
    Remember the Lord, you are out in His wonderful creation, seek Him and you WILL find Him. He said we would have tribulations, and they do cause us to LEAN on Him. We will add you to our prayer list for 2 or 3 months. In Jesus love. J&J

  5. always a pleasure. Roam Rig install April 4th, then 1.5 more years working then presto I need to get on the road. more. I'm at 63,000 miles with my 2019 Revel but certainly havn't had as much fun as you guys. Can't make it to Alaska this year have a few Motorcycle rides scheduled this summer. But as a keep getting older I think the Revel will get more use.

  6. as with fulltime working, everyone needs breaks and time away from the daily grind. vloggers are no different. just glad you've got thru the Alaskan winter. enjoy the loosening of its grip. don't feel obliged to upload on a particular schedule. I am grateful for anything you wish to share, whenever you feel like it. you write beautifully. do whatever you need to do to bring the joy back xx smooches to the pooch 💖💋 love & light from the UK xx
    PS Cody Francis is a wonderful source of lyrical mòods 💖

  7. I think we can all relate to your thoughts and feeling. Although Vision is what we see, and Preception is how we interpret. If we could always control our Preception, we would all have a better Vision of where we are heading in life. I'm not really sure if that even makes sense? Both of you are very talented and should always follow your inner compass. You definitely have a gift for narrating. The History Channel should hire you!

  8. I loved this video! Beautiful Alaska and and Ember playing in the water. Glad you got out from being stuck and I was worried what was happening to your van. It scared me. Glad it got it going again and taking it in. Loved the sausage breakfast you made. I had sausage and eggs minus the bagel myself last week. Had toast with it. Love those kind of sausages. Jim made a good meal again it looks like. He always does. I smelled your sausages and the he was cooking right through my iPhone. Lol! Cynthia I love your words you said at the end. You always have good words and sayings. I love you for those words. And love you for being you. Love you and Jim and Ember! 🤗❤️💜❤️

  9. May you find beautiful peace within yourselves, the same peace your videos provide for us. We enjoy your videos, whenever you have time to send them out. Hugs for the marvel which is Ember.

  10. May you find beautiful peace within yourselves, the same peace your videos provide for us. We enjoy your videos, whenever you have time to send them out. Hugs for the marvel which is Ember.

  11. Writers block might not be real* but trying to be creative when you are busy surviving – that's real. Take care of yourself first. *also anything you FEEL and EXPERIENCE as real is real. Not sure about that friend tbh.

  12. Aloha ! There's so much going on our Planets World !! Most Inportant is Health , Happiness , 👪 n Friends ! Burnout is Okay 👌. You Guys did along Journey threw USA and in this Pendemic World 🌎. Hangloose🤙Be Happy in Life and Eachother !! Life's to Short !! No Matter What Comes in the Future ! We all be hea Waitting 😁 ! Mahalo for your Journey , 📹 , 💘. Take Care Godbless Eachother 🐕 n Ohanas👉👨‍👩‍👦👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👦👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👧

  13. I do hope one day I get the privilege of meeting you guys. You are a true inspiration to so many.Jim and Cynthia you truly are a great couple together. Please don't change as you are the best. I am a faithful fan and enjoy your journey's and life stories. Stay safe and healthy Jim and Cynthia….Larry P.S
    Jim we all know anything mechanical eventually breaks down but with your talent I know you'll be able to fix it Chin up my friend.

  14. Just getting back to watching and got to catch up with the floor plan one still. It's good and alright to take a break sometimes, everyone needs one. Had a foolish cold going on 3 weeks now, glad it's only a cold. We pushed to hard on our 2018 trip at the beginning and probably traveled at least one and a half times to far each day for the 1st 5 to 7 days and we paid for it the rest of the 45 days or so on the trip and then another month after with sciatica issues (both of us). Ember was cute playing ball and of course the water. The views are marvelous as always. Travel safe.


  16. Been there many times..Late summer in the lower desert when there's 7 more day of temps above 110 forecast after more than 2 months of temperatures rarely below 110…it's hard to keep the primal scream inside! 
    It's hard to feel inspired to create anything. 
    It's hard to endure another cloudless sky.
    Our vans are one of our best ways of breaking through the creative blocks we all experience. Get out. Walk. See something else. Listen to the wind. Relax. Detune. Enjoy the van's breakdown…Do whatever you need to allow the creative recharge to happen (I must remind myself too).
    And despite (or maybe because of) the "block" you produced another great video! Thank you.

  17. We love your videos and someday hope to make it up to Alaska. I noticed Jim putting something on the temperature control in the fridge. What do you use to stop the control from moving? We always have to tape it in place so it does not move while driving and freezing everything in the fridge.
    Thank you
    Ken and Julie

  18. Well you THREE,
    oh yes, I can understand you very well, for that you must have been on the road for many years. No matter whether professionally, or privately. It simply lacks the contacts to the other loves in life. TV, cell phone, Youtube, are not everything. A smile, laugh among friends and family is something completely different.
    Stay strong and I hope and wish it to you, that you find a place, where you find friends again, eventually family and you arrive there, where you want it.

    Greetings Gerold

    Wo bleibt euer tolles Kochbuch. – Grins –

  19. It’s a pleasure following your journey and adventures – be kind to yourselves, truly and deeply listen to your bodies and do what feels right 💕

    I had an amazing adventure in Alaska back in August/September 2009. Wild camping/kayaking trip along part of the Katmai NP on the Alaskan peninsula. Two fabulous guides from Anchorage and 3 other kayakers. Drove from Anchorage to Homer and then a couple of small ‘float’ planes to our drop off (start) point. 8 days or so later they came to pick us up. Truly awesome trip, surrounded by bears every day and fantastic remote kayaking and camping. 😎💕

  20. Yes would love to drive to Alaska this summer through Canada. Will Canada let us in as tourists? I cannot find a source that tells you yes or no or when they will let us US citizens in. Any information would be appreciated. We love watching your videos! Thanks, Rick

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