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California D13 Deer Hunting Opportunities

Are you looking for California deer hunting opportunities in D13?
In this video, we go over the number and types of tags opportunities for D13 hunting zone, the national forest hunt, the weather and hunting conditions, camping information, the harvest stats and percentage kills the last several years. And finally, regions to go for easy access to find deer in D13.

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This is video 9 of Getting Started Deer Hunting in Southern California
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Looking to learn about deer hunting for beginners in Southern California? On this channel you’ll find many deer hunting tutorials, bag dumps, deer hunting gear reviews, and deer hunts. They are great if you’re looking to go deer hunting with a rifle, or bowhunting deer.

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00:00 California D13 Deer Hunting Opportunities
00:25 D13 Deer Tag Information
00:51 D13 National Forest Information
01:10 D13 Weather and Hunting Conditions
02:05 D13 Camping Information
02:29 D13 Hunting Stats for the last several years
02:57 Roads into D13 areas there is deer
03:26 D13 areas where deer have been taken


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  1. Hi – looking to head to D13 next week, do mature bucks prefer dense wooded areas or not? Id prefer not hunt dense, prefer long range 200-500, im sure the older bucks are smart~ do they hide in the wooded sections? Im scrolling around GMaps taking a peek and saving areas in hunting app..

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