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Home » Change In Plans! The Terreno – Our Thoughts

Change In Plans! The Terreno – Our Thoughts

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Change In Plans! (Reviewing the Grech Terreno-Ion) (SN 6 – EP 207)

ℹ️ About this episode:
We’ve made plans early on this year, ever since we left Iowa. Sometimes we realize things along the way OR things happen and you have to “change gears”. (Also included in this weeks video, is a review of another RV. 😁🤓) Don’t miss this weeks entertaining and informational episode of, LivinRVision!

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00:00 Introduction
01:26 Getting Cheaper Fuel Prices
04:25 Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menefee, CA
07:20 Arriving at Grech RV
08:12 Heading to Hotel in Newport Beach
09:48 Review of the Grech Terreno-Ion
20:26 Beachcomber Cafe “Attempt”
21:13 Drone Shots of the Grech Terreno-Ion by the Pacific Ocean


27 thoughts on “Change In Plans! The Terreno – Our Thoughts”

  1. Hello Brian and Michelle!! I hope all is going well. Dang.. we just missed you two in LA by a month 🙁 I was there at the end of September.

    Heather and I just returned from a camping trip to Silver Jack Reservoir, near us, which is a fall leaf change mecca. Heather has some tasks to do , so my dog and I are heading to Paradox CO for 2 trips ( have to break it up due to some upcoming day flights).

    Safe travels!!

  2. We looked at the Grech at the Hershey RV Show. Very nice and similar to what we have now. Like you said, no RV is perfect but to be able to have all your creature comforts covered is such a huge blessing. I'm so thankful to have one and to be able to create memories in our "vacation home." Thanks for taking us on your travels and giving me some ideas for future vacation destinations.🚐

  3. 😂 Head bumps! I put my arm across my forehead one morning and ouch! Then remembered I opened the closet door while sitting on the toilet looking for toilet paper roll which dropped on floor then went to get it and wham!😳 Shelley xx

  4. We were just coming out of the casino RV park today and I mentioned how the gas seems to be always cheaper at the casino. I figured it was because tribal casinos don't have to pay federal and state gas taxes which I verified to be true.

  5. Very nice. Really learning a lot about Grech (and the Terreno-Ion). We like how you break up the shows, this one was very informative and useful as a potential customer. Your honest evaluations are spot on and very helpful. Keep up the good work as you two are quite the travelers, commentators, companions, comedians and, of course, world class pie eaters . . . 🥧

  6. Brian and Michelle, first of all, love your vlogs. I’m living through you right now, but would love to transition to RV living soon. What video equipment, drones, cameras, phones, etc. do you use to get the best quality videos, because your vlogs are just beautiful. I’m obviously new to all this so just not even sure what to ask you about to get started. Maybe you can do a video of how you got started and what equipment you use, that would be an awesome video. Thank you so much for your enjoyable posts, love them all.

  7. This only our opinion but we feel we made huge mistake but a thousand trails membership we should have bought the region only if that for two high reasons I’m a travel RN there is never two close by for switching and the second we have not stayed in one yet that is updated new stuff always run down.. again just my opinion out 5,000+ despite all the research we thought we had done. But oh well lesson learned

  8. we would love to hear your thoughts on the Terreno 22" we are on the fence between Strata 24' we are Not going to full time maybe a month for longest, you had mentioned Terreno drove a little easier

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