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Change These God of War Ragnarök Settings Before Playing!

PlayStation’s God of War Ragnarök has just been released, but before you play the game for yourself, there are 12 settings you should change on both the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game to further elevate your experience!

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Hey everyone, my name is Octorious, and in this PlayStation tips and tricks video, we’ll be focusing specifically on God of War 5: Ragnarok! I’ll be showcasing 12 settings that I recommend you consider changing before playing the game (or during, if you have already started!), as well as ensuring you have disabled an important PS5 feature to prevent yourself from seeing God of War Ragnarok spoilers. Most of these settings are identical across Sony’s different generations of consoles, so it does not matter if you are playing the game on a PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5; this video is for you! I hope you find this God of War Ragnarok tips and tricks video useful.

⏱️ Timestamps:
0:00 Change These Settings Before Playing!
0:17 Setting 1
1:00 Setting 2 (Preference Based)
1:24 Setting 3
1:35 Setting 4
1:49 Setting 5
2:10 Setting 6
2:31 Bought on PS5? DO THIS ASAP!
2:56 Setting 7
3:19 Setting 8
3:59 Setting 9 (Preference Based)
4:31 Setting 10
5:07 Brief Review of Accessibility Settings
5:34 Setting 11
5:52 Setting 12
6:13 Console Settings to Change

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31 thoughts on “Change These God of War Ragnarök Settings Before Playing!”

  1. I can’t thank PlayStation enough for sending me a copy over early so that I could get a head start with this video; please show some love in the comments if you want me to cover PlayStation exclusives more in the future! 😊

    🛒 Buy God of War Ragnarök:

    Note: After playing Ragnarök a little more, I am conflicted on ‘Setting 2’. Leaving it at default is ultimately the best way to go if you can get used to it; I just struggled considering how much muscle memory I have built up for using circle for dodging. It definitely does come down to preference! 🙂

  2. A tip for players playing on hard or Give Me God of War, keep the pick up on manual. Smashing a health crystal mid battle will stagger any enemies close around you and give you a moment to breathe.

  3. Full pick-up mode (setting 1) makes the game easier during combat, hence I have it off as would otherwise compromise Give Me God of War mode. Setting Circle to dodge (setting 2) is huge, though.

  4. The targeting system seems more awkward than in the previous game. So far I’m not feeling it. I also considered that I may have aged out and just trash now too. Yet still, it shouldn’t be this difficult to navigate through battle with multiple opponents.

  5. As someone that's legally blind & suffers with glaucoma, I'm ecstatic to see all the accessibility settings provided in GoW for the seeing impaired, this is why I place this game above Elden Ring for GOTY because the devs took the extra steps to not only make a phenomenal game but to also ensure that as many people as possible can play it & enjoy it even if they suffer with disabilities.

  6. These are all fantastic tips but there were three that I've been using that I would like to add.
    1. Puzzle timing Extended gives you more time to fulfill the puzzle so you're not rushing.
    2. High Contrast Preset: Collector Mode. this allows you to view all the hidden treasure chest and items in every area so you don't miss anything it's really helpful when you're trying to stock up and can't find all the items or where the next door you're supposed to go is.
    3. Evade Assist: This makes it so when you evade, you won't take any damage which is how it should be I am that's the point of evading

  7. I don't like the HFR. So I leave it off. Im great with Favor Proformance with VRR giving me the Highest resolution with 60fps with MB an FG all set to 0 the PS5 can do.. 60fps is more then fine. 120fps just isnt needed at the expense of Res. So Favor Proformance + VRR is my happy zone

  8. FPS unless it's really crappy is unnoticeable to me completely I don't care of anybody else says just talking about for myself all that buttery smooth bull crap means nothing to me it's kind of annoying because I wish I could experience what everyone else does but I literally don't notice a thing

  9. Heyappreciate the video, i have a 60hz tv with a 2.1 HDMI, when i play in Favors performance mode with HFR enabled, the screen tends to tear, could you please guide about it??

    I am playing with HDR off, but wanted to leverage the 2.1 HDMI cable which allows HFR since my screen doesn't allow VRR.

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