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Come take a look Inside my Pantry

Come take a look inside my pantry and see how I manage to fit everything into a medium sized space, not so easy to do when one or more people has special dietary requirements.

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Come take a look Inside my Pantry
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21 thoughts on “Come take a look Inside my Pantry”

  1. since I am curious by nature there is nothing more satisfying for me than to get a chance to look into other people's pantries and kitchens … another useful and informational video … thank you … I shall go and organize mine now, since it is a mess compared to yours … šŸ˜‚

  2. A lot of great ideas Mel. Best tip for the pantry, constancy. Item goes in the same spot all the time.
    I organise my spices by typea. Sweet spices together, herbs(cilantro, basil. Parsley,oregano, dill etcetera) together, hot spices( cumin, cheyenne, chili etcetera.), the various salts and pepper types together. I don't buy spice blends like taco,jerk, ethiopian, curry, apple pie or pumpkin pie spice. I find recipes I like, mix my own, just reusing a glass spice container and lable it.

    For my pantry, I couldn't keep regular flour because the housemates are either pre-diabetic or are diabetic. So I'd have almond, coconit, flax and chia flours. Monk fruit, stevia, and allulose. Lily's chocolate chips.

  3. Mel…..if you need I have a shotgun to get rid of the rat in the pantry. It looks like HE is causing all kinds of havoc with your organization. I could get it to you by tomorrow………just sayin.

  4. That looks very organized and efficient for cutting down on prep time.
    I have one tip . My wife and I buy pork rinds in bulk and use the food processor to grind them up as fine as we can and store it in a food container in the pantry. We use it in place of flour for a coating on fish and chicken. I like your lazy Susan idea and I think I would like to try that out .
    Great video !

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