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Common financial mistakes in your 20s

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34 thoughts on “Common financial mistakes in your 20s”

  1. Perfect timing – after being in such a crap situation for so long, I’m now earning really, really good cash. The more I make, the less I’ll spend – thanks Oliur

  2. Not topic related, but Oliur has by far one of the best video aesthetics on YouTube. Colors, blurred background, overall ambient, this video doesn't even appreciate it enough but on some others its incredible. One thing that you could fix is having better thumbnails, I get you don't want to follow the thumbnail trends, but put that aside, I am sure you can design more aesthetically pleasing thumbnails than taking screenshot of video and adding 1 line of text on it.

  3. Oliur can i ask about your thoughts on Student loan UK debt. Im a designer and earn 126k per year – what are your thoughts on paying it all off? Or just paying monthly installments and having that extra cash to spend on business ideas etc. Myabe you have some experience

  4. Definitely highlight not having a goal about what to do with your money. And a controversial one but I go a step further and say living at home with parents and NOT using that time to save for a financial goal in your 20s is a mistake imo. That’s a wasted and privileged opportunity that you’ll never have in your life again. Independence teaches you so much more and you get more out of life. Great video Oliur!

  5. I can agree with almost everything you say however, Travelling in your 20's, if you can afford it, is one of the best things you can do for character development. Also if you have a good friend group, travelling with them in your 20's is much more fun and rejuvenating than I would think travelling in your 30's with your significant other may be. By the time you're in your 30's , even if you don't have a significant other or family to care for, there is a very high chance that most of your friend group will, and will be occupied with their responsibilities so find the time to enjoy life with them while you have their company! The travelling I have done thus far in my life has only given me better perspectives on things as well as motivated me to work so much harder so I can own real estate all over the world, conducting business remotely from wherever I choose. Overall, great points Oliur!

  6. Growing up as a creative person I never truly cared about money. And always had this perspective of like life is more about passions and creative endeavors. And I made that mistake during my freelancing career not knowing how to properly manage my cashflow properly and learn things the hard way. Now I'm in my 30s trying to make up for lost time. Looking back my parents were terrible with Money and its a learning process for me still at this point.

  7. Hey oliur, im from malaysia who’s always waiting for your video, it’s cool how you earn money online

    But can you talk about imposter syndrome, because I always getting stucked and always jump from an idea to another idea🥵

  8. Nice one, though I must disagree on the controversial one, as you saw coming haha.
    I think a perspective you might have missed in this regard is whether or not the individual has already found out what they want to do, how they want to live and basically what their ideal life would look like.
    I think you're kind of the same as me, we found our goals quite early on and focused on that. However my partner is a great reminder for me that many people are just a bit clueless at this age and I believe travelling makes a lot of sense to find yourself, the person you want to become and also what to do with your life. There's no point on focusing on something that you will regret focusing on 5 years later.
    Ohh and I should mention that I mean the more explorative kind of travelling.

  9. Really interesting video ! I agree with all of the tips, as a 21yo student. I have to disagree with the travelling part though, I think doing it at this time in your life is actually amazing, it can help you build your identity, discover the world. And, for me, not having any responsibilities helps a lot too, you know you can do whatever you want !
    Currently in Erasmus and it’s easily the best thing I have ever done it really changed me !
    I get your point though, we all have different ideas 🙂

  10. Oli i’m not sure if you’ll see this comment but I want to let you know that I love your colour grading for your youtube videos.

    Please would you make a youtube video on how you edit and colour grade your youtube videos 🙏

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