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Conquer NaNoWriMo w/ a NOTION Series Bible | Tutorial & FREE Templates (Notion for Writers 2.0)

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// Time Stamps //
0:00 Why I use Notion
1:23 Quick Tour of my Notion Series Bible
2:59 Deep Dive into my Notion Pages
9:02 How to Create your Series Bible Pages
15:16 Create Custom Banners with Canva
15:38 Connecting Google Docs to Notion
16:45 Get my Free Templates!

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9 thoughts on “Conquer NaNoWriMo w/ a NOTION Series Bible | Tutorial & FREE Templates (Notion for Writers 2.0)”

  1. Gosh, this was so helpful, Brittany! Thanks so much. Never knew Notion was so user-friendly.

    This will not only work for my Gossip Girl anime WIP serial but also dual-timeline Caribbean camp fantasy WIP serial as well as my Black Mirror but Caribbean short story collection.

    Love the tagging feature and that it links to Google Docs! Plus its free. Will def be organising my WIPs this weekend.

    Aww Ollie is 4 months already? Where does the time go 😛

  2. Oh wow! This is so helpful, thanks. I might start using Notion again. My ADHD brain was hyperfixated on it for months and then I suddenly stopped using it. I felt like I had made my pages and databases just waaaaay too complicated, which meant that I got overwhelmed with it.

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