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Content Marketing: 4 top tips

Content Marketing: How to grow your business using content marketing. In this video we cover content marketing strategies including social media to generate leads. – Check out

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21 thoughts on “Content Marketing: 4 top tips”

  1. Some great points another thought is how long would KFC be in business if he had given away the secret recipe. Your competition can easily pick up your ideas and leave you standing.
    The same goes for magicians like Dynamo who never give away how they did it because if they did it would lose it's perceived skill factor. My advice would be careful what you give away and keep it generic like the information you have given. It's still valuable but it falls into the common sense advice category.

  2. Sure, magicians keep the mystery 'cos it's the product (why we watch) – anyhow I'm too lazy to learn it. Give me a Haynes manual to DIY my car – seeing the skills and sweat needed, I'm even happier to pay mechanics to do it.

    The more you tell prospects, the better. Time-wasters think they've got 'the secret', yet never do it. Serious players appreciate your mastery and want you on their team. I know pizza recipes (KFC- meh!) but still order takeaways. Time, not info, is today's killer app!

  3. For those who are afraid of giving away to much free content you can always outsource the research for the content on fiverr. Get it done for cheap so you can spend your time doing more productive things. That way you only spend your time building the finished product(Or you could outsource that too)

  4. Really appreciate your shared ideas here. I began my venture for content marketing in 2012 and lexorsoft helped me a lot to reach my goal effectively. My website now is ranking better on search engines. Thanks

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