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Content Marketing for Financial Advisors: Part 3

Wondering how you can raise your Google rankings? Offsite videos can be a great way to support your own site and marketing goals. In this video, our CEO Mikel dives into the basics of offsite articles and how backlinks can improve your rankings over time.

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Hello, this is Mikel Bruce with Tiny Frog Technologies. I want to talk a little bit about content marketing, specifically for financial advisors. Although this could really apply to just about any company that’s looking to promote their website and build content through kind of a content marketing process.

In previous blog video posts, we talked about creating content for your website and there’s one other area of content marketing which can be extremely valuable and that’s creating content and posting it on other websites outside of your own website. That’s a really valuable process because if you can find, especially a website that has has a lot of credibility or what’s called a high domain authority, creating that content for the website can be valuable for building your own SEO in terms of how Google sees and perceives your website.

Another great reason to create engaging and compelling and interesting content and posting it on other websites is that if you if someone finds that article on their site, there’s a very good chance they wouldn’t have landed on your website and they’ll see you as a resource or as an authority on that particular topic. And there’s a very good chance they’ll click back to your website or that they see your name and do a search for you. So it’s really helpful to do what are called off-site articles.

First thing to do is to find a topic that’s engaging and interesting. Second thing to do is find websites that really post a lot of content that are looking for contributors. And in every industry, there’s plenty of websites for financial advisors. There’s quite a few websites out there, large websites, large content websites that are looking for contributors. Financial advisors have specific experience in specific areas and if you can write an article that’s interesting and engaging, there’s a very good chance that it could get accepted on a third-party site or an off site.

Then they once they post that article, it’s really important try to get them to add a link back to your website. That link is very valuable because it can really build the credibility or the search ranking on your particular website. And the more you do have this, the more benefit you can receive. We have quite a few advisors who do a lot of this and they get a lot of benefits from it.

There’s a lot more to it. I’m just kind of highlighting the main the main steps of why and how to create off-site content but if you have more questions or if
you want more information on this particular topic please feel free to give us a call.


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